YouTube Adds Video Chapter Previews

Jul 7, 2022

For businesses that are using YouTube as a way to connect to their audience, you’ll want to make sure you stay ahead of the constant changes that the company puts in place. YouTube is an amazing platform for SEO and attracting new customers to your company, and it’s something our SEO company in the UK recommends to a lot of business owners. Keep reading as we share more information about these recent updates to YouTube and how you can keep optimising YouTube videos for SEO. 

YouTube for SEO 

YouTube is an amazing tool for SEO for businesses. Video content is something that consumers are looking for more and more today, as it offers greater value than just still images or text. The great thing about YouTube is that they are constantly adding new features, and it’s also compatible with a lot of other tools you may already use for your business. While you may think that YouTube isn’t something that will benefit your industry, that’s not the case at all. Almost any business could benefit from growing their audience and expanding onto another platform to help increase sales and customer numbers. 

The New Video Chapter Preview Function 

YouTube recently added a new video chapter preview function, which auto-translates captions in this new search function. It’s a great way for businesses to reach a wider audience around the world, which wasn’t necessarily possible before this feature was added at the end of 2021. These two updates were made with the aim of making it easier than ever for users of YouTube to search for videos and content. They were added to the on-site search function and have been well received by users to this date. 

On the mobile player, the timestamp previews and auto-play snippets have also been added. These allow you to decide if the video you are about to watch is a good choice for you, helping to save you time and energy when looking for your next video to watch. It’s a good tool to help users evaluate the content on the site that’s available to them. For longer videos, you can opt to jump directly onto the part of the video you are most interested in. This will save you watching hours of content that’s not relevant to your needs, making YouTube a more valuable resource for millions of people worldwide. 

Improving the YouTube Video Search Function 

As an SEO company in the UK, a huge priority for us when it comes to YouTube is SEO for YouTube and the search results function. The new changes to the YouTube search function help YouTube SEO by broadening the reach around the world to new potential watchers of your videos. SEO for YouTube can benefit any type of company, and one of our top YouTube SEO tips is to keep up to date with these changes that the company makes. In the past, YouTube had a short autoplay option which had captions for desktop users. This helped you to find what you wanted to watch and quickly get to the point in the video that you are looking for. 

Search results from other languages will now appear with automatically translated captions and titles when the content isn’t available in the local language. This stops the language barrier that has been an issue for many YouTube content creators in the past. This feature started with English videos, but YouTube plans to also offer it in other languages in the future. For your SEO efforts in the future, you’ll want to add timestamps to help you stand out. This is very useful when viewers are choosing between videos, and it gives you the best chance of success if you are using YouTube for SEO. Remember to check whether these new features will apply to your content first so that you can use them if they are on offer. Otherwise, keep working with our team on your SEO for YouTube so that you attract a wider audience to your quality content. 

YouTube is a platform that we recommend everyone should consider using if they are looking to increase their customer base this year. Even if you feel that video content isn’t suitable for your type of business, you’ll be surprised by how useful it can be to businesses of all types. We recommend working with SEO experts to help put together videos that will rank highly on YouTube and be found by viewers around the world. These two new features are a great way to get yourself seen online, and they’ve already helped to boost views for many content creators. Contact our team today for more information about using YouTube for SEO and other SEO services we offer for businesses. We’ll be excited to support you this year and help you work towards your business goals for 2022.