Will AI Take Over Web Design? 

May 23, 2023

AI seems to be taking over nearly every aspect of our world today. When it comes to the question of whether AI will replace humans in various areas of our lives, there’s a lot to consider. AI and web design can work together to improve websites, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a web design agency in Altrincham will ever be fully replaced by AI. Today we’re going to discuss whether AI will take over web design and the potential benefits we might see in the future from this technology. 

AI in Web Development

Web development is something that has typically been done by professional web developers in the past. These individuals, such as the ones in our team at our web design agency in Altrincham, have studied this field for many years. They know exactly how to create striking website designs that will support your business and ensure that you receive more visitors to your site. AI is something that is slowly taking over many parts of our world, and there are ways in which it can help with web design. In fact, even some sites which offer you the chance to create a website use elements of AI, but it’s still in its early stages. 

As with any type of AI web design, it’s never going to be as responsive and unique as when you work with a human. We are still at the start point of seeing what AI can do, which is important to consider when looking at the question of will AI kill web development. Our team is convinced that our work will remain valuable for years to come, but there are some ways in which we might consider using this technology in the future. 

AI and Content Writing for Your Website

One way that we see designing for AI happening in the future is regarding the content that you need to write for your website. Web design AI isn’t as advanced as content writing, which you can now do by plugging in the keywords that you are looking to target and the topic. For anyone who absolutely hates writing, this is one way to create SEO-friendly texts which will target your audience. Of course, it will unlikely never be as natural as using a real human for your work, but it can work alongside your responsive web design in Altrincham. 

There are many websites and apps on offer for content writing today, which can assist with your web design AI. We still encourage you to read over any text that you purchase in this way carefully, as there are often mistakes or phrases that do sound like they were written by a computer. However, it’s an incredible form of technology that will certainly save many businesses a lot of time over the years. AI web development can incorporate many of these time-consuming tasks, as it can help to take away from the hours of manual labour that’s needed to write texts. These texts also focus on SEO, so you will find they help to improve your rankings on search engines such as Google. 

Benefits of Professional Web Design

If you have no experience of working with a professional web designer, you might be wondering what the difference would be between a web designer and AI. There are so many reasons why people will still opt to use a team of experts, even when the option of AI is available. Firstly, our team can work with you to establish your goals and keep these in mind at all times. We aren’t just looking to put together a functional website, as this is only the basis of our work. Instead, we aim to create a site that will connect with your audience, which is something a computer simply can’t think about. This added emotional connection sets AI and humans apart, and it’s one of the top reasons AI is unlikely to ever fully replace our work. 

While AI might help to speed up some elements of the web design process, if you do find issues and bugs, it may actually require more work in the long run. Testing still needs to be performed by real humans, who can act like any of your users would when they arrive at the website. They’ll follow the paths that you might take and practice the purchasing process on your site. AI can’t respond and act in the actual way a customer would, so keep this in mind when you opt to purchase this work via AI. 

Is AI the Way Forward for Web Design?

As you can see, there are likely to be ways in the future for people to use AI within web design, such as creating the text for your website. However, it’s extremely unlikely that AI will take over web design completely. Our team of skilled professionals have many years of experience with creating effective sites, and it’s not something that can easily be replicated by AI. AI will always lack human touch and experience, until it becomes far more advanced and truly understands our needs. At the moment, AI is mainly focused on the basic functions of creating a site, which won’t help you to connect with your visitors as much. Keep this in mind if you do opt to try this type of solution for web design and other projects, as you may find you need extra work done on your site after. 

Are you looking to upgrade your website this year? Keeping your business site up to date is critical for business owners in 2023. You’ll want to make sure that you do all you can to offer your users the best experience possible, which is why we encourage you to work with a team of experienced professional web designers. Our team will be here to support you with this task and answer any questions you have on the topic. Contact us today for more information and to start planning your website update.