Why combine SEO with PPC?

May 26, 2021

Combining SEO with PPC, such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc., is powerful. 

Working together, these two elements can improve your search strategy drastically, boost your rankings, increase your clicks, and deliver higher conversions. 

However, it’s also important to note that SEO and PPC are two very distinct marketing tactics and should be appreciated and respected in their own rights. 

SEO – is a process that improves a website’s ranking so that it ranks higher in searches for targeted keywords and phrases than its competitors. 

PPC – is advertising that runs at the top of searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc where you only pay when a visitor clicks directly onto your ad.  PPC is an excellent way to acquire new customers quickly. 

Now, we’re going, to be frank….if you’re not within the top 5 on a Search Engine Results Page (SERPs), you’re essentially invisible. 

You have to work on your digital marketing strategy continuously.  Growing it and developing it at every stage.  

To help, you need to look at combining your SEO and PPC efforts. 

Because with an opportunity to share data, improve budget efficiencies, and drive growth, why wouldn’t you combine both tactics?!

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Getting started 

Ideally, we’d recommend using integrated dashboards to display your key search terms and phrases, overall performance data, trends, and more. 

Combining your SEO organic impressions, organic CTR, and average ranking position with PPC metrics such as CPC, CTR, conversion data, and more can create the most compelling content for SEO and Facebook and Google Ads that push for conversion. 

Ultimately, once you have all the data to hand, you have some very powerful information at your fingertips.   Allowing you to effectively identify areas where you can improve performance, increase visitors to your site, and boost your rankings. 

Combining SEO and PPC metrics provides you with insight, analysis, and input.  Providing you with valuable advice that provides a high level of confidence in the strategic decisions you will make to your marketing strategy. 

Reasons you might need to combine SEO and PPC 

Combining SEO and PPC has many benefits (and we’ll take a look at these later on in this post); however, there might also be reasons why it has become necessary to combine the two tactics, which may be because of changes from other areas of the business. 

For example: 

You need to cut budgets 

How many times has the marketing department, unfortunately, heard this?!  

However, in today’s economic climate, cutting department budgets where possible is likely to be at the forefront of everyone’s strategy.  The good news is cutting budgets is achievable while still maintaining a strong digital presence. 

For example, you can support your SEO growth with little to no budget by identifying PPC keywords that use budget where you dominate organic results with little to no paid competition. 

You need to save budget in the medium-term 

Could now be the perfect time to look for opportunities in areas where you’re not performing quite so well organically or those areas where you’re currently spending more money on PPC. 

In particular, look at those keywords ranking in the top 3 organic results and those that average higher CPC than account average.  Including this type of filter will offer you substantial savings and positively affect business performance, traffic, and conversion.  

However, for this strategy to work harmoniously, you must produce content that allows you to rank for those organic search queries and capture traffic.  

Identifying and using clusters of related keywords in content can target the traffic driven through PPC. 

As this grows and develops, you can then continue to produce content related to organic search topics, allowing you to pause PPC keywords as you begin to gain organic visibility. 

You need to increase organic search results 

You can achieve this by making minor changes to identified pages. 

Linking to your SEO, strong rankings are important, but we know that clicks are even better.  This is why by measuring organic CTR, you can also measure the proportion of clicks relative to the impressions you receive for different keywords. 

Carrying out this analysis helps you to identify opportunities where you can begin to boost organic CTR.  Look specifically at those keywords that generate low organic CTR compared to an above-average PPC CTR, as this can help considerably to inform your on-page SEO efforts. 

Alternatively, using low organic CTR and high PPC CTR you can identify specific keywords that you can work into page titles, meta descriptions, etc…  Helping boost your search engine listings, driving an increase in traffic to your site, leading to potentially greater conversions. 

A unified SEO and PPC approach to keywords is powerful.  Understanding how each channel compliments each other allows you to make smarter strategic decisions surrounding your search strategy. 

Benefits of combining SEO with PPC 

Improve results for both channels/Increased search engine presence 

Combining SEO with your Google Ad campaign, for example, increases your visibility as you aim to achieve an increase in exposure on SERPs.  Dominating organic and paid search results demonstrating that you are an established presence and a voice of authority in your sector. 

Using the same keywords on your site that you’re targeting in your PPC ads provides you with a greater opportunity to rank on the first page of search results.  

By optimising your website and purchasing PPC advertising for those identified keywords, you can ensure that your brand dominates the search results and captures those all-important clicks. 

Demonstrates continuity 

Your message is consistent, and this is what buyers like.  People trust consistency.  It makes them feel safe in their buying decision, and combining SEO and PPC can help achieve this level of consistency and trust. 

One tactic to successfully achieve this is by linking your product pages to your Google Campaign ads. 

This way, your ad will feature the product, it can contain reviews, and it can take the user directly to the product page leading to an increased chance of purchase, boosting your existing eCommerce efforts. 

It also shows that you’re structured.  That you have a robust digital strategy in place, where consistency is key, and that you aren’t starting your SEO or PPC journey off on the back foot. 

You have all the keyword data and insight you need 

Combining both digital aspects means you now have double the data to analyse, observing those with the highest conversion rate and using them to optimise your strategy. 

For example, you can now incorporate the frequently used words on your site into your PPC advertising content using your site search.  Analysing your site search provides you with valuable insights into your customer’s needs, allowing you to pop up at the right time and in all the right places. 

Alternatively, PPC ads are great at helping to define your organic keyword strategy.  Here you can test the conversion rate for words and phrases you would like to rank for, receiving immediate feedback and information on the effectiveness of the organic keywords you want. 

Ultimately you can determine the keywords that are most effective in generating sales and leads. 

Sending an increasing number of visitors to your site as trust us, the more data you have and collect, the more you can refine your overall SEO and PPC strategies. 

You can create compelling content that ranks 

Successful PPC ad copy can inform your organic content strategy, as what works for PPC will work for SEO.  Use your successful Facebook ad copy to create meta descriptions, title tags, and page content – areas that you would like to rank organically for. 

Using this strategy, you will be able to identify quickly what works, and what doesn’t as PPC allows you to test new keywords for SEO.  Cutting down on time, research, and expense. 

Now you can test with ease keywords and phrases using PPC before dedicating them to your SEO efforts. 

Monitoring the results for a while, you’re able to review how your website performs and whether you should use this keyword or term to support your site’s optimisation.  If it fails, you can quickly discard it and avoid SEO at all costs. 

Testing keywords in this way is popular as PPC is relatively inexpensive. 

You can combat negative PR 

Combining SEO and your ad campaigns can help you combat negative PR. Increasing your visibility online; you can guide the conversation effectively and control SEO and advertising messages.  This is a great tactic to allow you to tell your side of the story. 

PPC can help catch those lost visitors 

Even if you’re ranking organically and you’re high on the search pages, using PPC can still help you to recover clicks and interest that you may have otherwise missed, again drawing in traffic and increasing conversion. 


Because PPC can help you with your remarketing efforts, you can bring back browsing visitors to encourage them to complete their purchase online by combining PPC with SEO. 

In this sense, you can use your advertising campaign to remind visitors to return to your site and complete their purchase. 

It is about launching display ads and remarketing ads to target those who have previously visited your site but aren’t yet compelled to buy. 

Leverage your internal search function 

You can improve your SEO and advertising efforts by leveraging your internal search function and identifying the same language and phrases people are using to find your products and services. 

This also allows for the segmentation and personalisation of the message. 

At Buzz Panda, we see first-hand how combining SEO and PPC attracts additional visitors to your site, increases leads, boosts revenue, improves your website rankings, and overall delivers better results. 

The focus is on embracing change and providing companies with even more ways to interact with their target audience, gain visibility and authority, and reduce customer cost per acquisition (a very important point to note for budgets!). 

If you’re new to SEO, PPC, or both, or, if you’re looking at how you can combine the two digital areas to create a robust and highly successful digital marketing plan, Buzz Panda Digital can help. 

As a full-service digital marketing agency with years of experience with SEO and PPC, we develop strategies tailored to you. 

To understand how we can support you in improving your website’s visibility, retarget visitors to your website, test new keywords, and create compelling Google and Facebook ads, contact us today; we’d love to hear from you.

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