Whoops, we messed up!

Mar 21, 2021

A true tale of how Buzz Panda took a client from a few local enquiries a month to getting international sales. 

As a digital agency specialising in SEO, we love nothing more than to show off our results and dazzle future clients with our SEO offer; however, sometimes, the results we get back can surprise even us. 

The surprise on this occasion? 

Surpassing a few local enquiries, a month to the client receiving regular international sales – strategically, brilliantly, and all from local search results!

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Let us set the scene 

A local industrial sealing products company reached out to us to talk about all things digital. 

Initially, like most of our clients, they came to us to chat about their website. And how they felt it wasn’t really performing for them. All in all, we could gather from our conversation that they were quite unhappy with their current site, the content, the reach, and the SEO. 

Reach and targeting was one of their biggest pain points. For example, the site’s content at the time and the direction of the site, etc., only targeted Leeds, and for all a great place, it limited their potential reach and business opportunities. 

This was strategic point one – if this business believes they can supply nationally and even internationally, how can we help? 

The client also had no control over the current website (mainly due to the platform the site was built on). Every time the site required a change, no matter how small, the agency they were using for web hosting had to be contacted, a job sheet issued, and all changes invoiced (making it both expensive and time-consuming). At the same time, they also didn’t own the website (again due to the choice of platform), so they paid a high monthly price to keep what they had up and running. 

This was strategic point two – look at the development of a website that we can build but that the client owns and after building the website and CMS system it is handed over for the client to control and manage – of course with ourselves on standby just in case! 

As our conversation progressed, it also became apparent that the same agency’s current SEO work was not bringing any traffic to the client’s website. 

Mainly because there was no clear strategic direction and the keywords used had small to no monthly search volume. 

In fact, when we took a look at the site, all keywords were for Bradford and Leeds. Narrowing the reach and business potential, because as we found out, the client can distribute anywhere. 

Strategic point three – carry out robust keyword research! Looking to clearly define the client’s target market and ideal target audience. 

However, during all of our conversations, our biggest obstacle? 

There was nervousness around SEO. 

And rightly so.   

The agency the client was using is a well-known business directory, website, and marketing business (wink wink), yet the client didn’t feel they took the time to understand their business and delve deep into keyword research or target markets. As such, nothing seemed to work – plus they were charging a hell of a lot per month too! 

The client did try other agencies – with no success; hence the nervousness around SEO, so for now, the client’s request to us was simple: 

“Let’s try a new website, and we’ll set a campaign budget for local SEO.” 

If we’re honest, we understood from our conversations that the client didn’t honestly believe in SEO, didn’t think it worked (maybe because of past bad experiences), and if he was quite frank, thought it was “a waste of money”… 

Oh, how we showed them…. 

What we did 

We got to work. 

Looking over our strategy planning, we were able to put together a comprehensive digital marketing plan that encompassed our strategy points and the client’s overall objective, “to have a website that he was proud to direct customers to.” 

We kick-started the project by building a brand-new website through WordPress (a much more manageable content management system owned and now controlled by our client), fully optimising this to include all products and keywords. 

And not just any old keywords. High-quality keywords from our extensive keyword research (which is also an element we include in all of our website builds 😃). 

The new website now also includes much more content, but not long-winded, padded out, keyword-stuffed content. Let us be clear; we know Google (not personally but hypothetically) and its strict SEO algorithms. And we know when customers visit a website, they’re looking for valuable, useful, and relevant information – so that’s exactly what we provided. 

We provided visitors to the client’s site with valuable information that also showcased the products available, giving lots of information and details, putting visitors at ease, and converting them into sales. 

From a strong starting point of an optimised website, we then turned our focus to the SEO campaign at hand. Working with a small monthly budget, we did change the focus slightly. 

After considering the main objectives our clients wanted us to achieve, we explained that if they wanted to go for national keywords that would drive traffic, it would take a lot longer to get the results, and it would also depend on the competition. After careful consideration, they wanted to go ahead. 

So, through intelligent optimisation, some great content marketing, professional link building, and on the pulse competitor monitoring……well, all we can say is our results speak for themselves. 

We increased the client’s website monthly visitors by nearly 2000%! 


Our biggest surprise with this project was not that we increased web traffic by so much, but that now the clients `small` monthly local SEO budget sees them ranking internationally!   

Optimising the site as we did and working strategically on a targeted and robust SEO campaign resulted in the client calling us to thank us for the work we’re doing… And to let us know that not only are they getting daily calls for orders from the website (SEO is their only marketing method online, so it is what drives 100% of their sales), but that they have been getting orders from several other countries as well! 

The business is now found through their website ranking, showing our clients as an online authority and voice leader in the industry. 

International sales and recognition might not have been one of our or our client’s short-term objectives, but it has allowed everyone involved to meet long-term objectives in the short term! 

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All campaign results depend on the specific industry, competition, and keyword search volumes. While we are very proud to have taken our client to international sales on a small monthly budget, it may not be possible for everyone. 

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