Which is more important? Website design or content?

Jul 27, 2022

This is a tricky question. Almost as tricky as what comes first, the chicken or the egg?!  

And unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this, as when you embark on creating a new website, the two key components you need are content and design. And, if you ask the team at Buzz Panda Digital, content is king, and design is critical.

But the question remains…is one element more important than the other?

Can you have a successful website that hits all design marks but falls short in content? Alternatively, can you have high-quality, engaging content on a poorly designed, poorly structured site?

In this post, we look at where to start and the elements that will help you create an extremely successful website that supports your business’s success.

Website design

Design is all the visual aspects and overall look and layout of your website. It is how you present your business and the information about your products and services.  

Ultimately, design is look, layout, and responsiveness, with good website design guiding your audience through your website looking for those conversion opportunities.  

Design is what connects your company and brand with your customer, especially in the digital landscape; it is designed to create engagement (see what we did there?!)  

However, people don’t buy based solely on design; design emphasises content, with content providing the call to action.

Website content

Web design content includes all text, visual, and audio content displayed and placed on your site. It is everything the user experiences on your website.

Ideally, your website content answers your target audience’s questions and not just one specific question; the content throughout your website should answer all the questions they might have.

You must create content that matters to your end user. Content that leads to action, builds trust, and seamlessly connects you with your target audience.

Content vs. Design

There is a lot, and we mean a lot of discussions relating to SEO website design services and

what comes first, content or design.

If content comes first, we’re not going to lie; it can help to support your design structure, i.e., design can stay within the boundaries of the content scope.

In addition, we often find that taking a content-first approach can save you time, money, and resources as designs don’t have to change to fit content structure and style.

Design should complement content. Making content effective, improving its appeal, and strengthening the messages you want to deliver.

Design can also make content look valuable; it helps users easily find the information they’re looking for, as it considers text colour, image size, mobile optimization, etc.

At Buzz Panda Digital we always, where appropriate, take a content-first approach with design in collaboration, as we find this is a more streamlined process, helping to maintain efficiency and consistency.

How web design impacts content marketing

Never judge a book by its cover…unless you’re online…there you can judge a website in less than 3 seconds!

Online, it’s true what they say first impressions count. But it is lasting impressions that generate business.

When someone lands on any of your web pages, you have approximately 3 seconds (often less) to entice them enough with your layout and design that they want to stay and find out more.

This means first impressions count.

This means design counts.

As consumers, we make initial assumptions and split-second decisions based on what we see, not what we’ve read (this comes later). This means your UX design must show who you are, visually representing you and your brand.

Words are powerful, but design grabs and demands attention.

Trust us; if your site doesn’t represent you or your products, customers will move on – and, well, that’s just bad for business.

However, a good-looking website will only take you so far. If you don’t have high-quality content, visitors to your site won’t hang around for long.

Design has pulled visitors in, and now it is up to your content to leave that great lasting impression because good content keeps visitors on your page longer and helps convert visitors to paying customers.

Think about it like this: Design helps to bring customers in, and content helps to keep them


It’s all about the rankings!

From how you design your site’s navigation, link structure, and URLs to how your site is laid out, and if it is mobile optimised, search engines will consider all of these design elements, and more, when ranking you.

However, you also need good conversion rate optimisation content to further boost and support these rankings.

For example:

  • Are you including the right keywords in your content?
  • Is the content original, useful, and reliable?
  • Are you incorporating different types of content, i.e., blog posts, videos, images, etc.?
  • Have you considered your metadata and tags?
  • Is your content readable?

When design and website content work together to support SEO and web rankings, great results can be achieved.

So, which is more important? Web design or content?

Web design and content are both equal.

A good website design is nothing without good copy.

Web design and content have vital roles to play, complementing each other and working together to ensure consistency and success.

Design attracts, content keeps them there.

For a perfectly balanced website that drives results, call us today on 01606 374 995 or email us at cathy@buzzpandadigital.co.uk.