What to look for in an SEO proposal?

Apr 21, 2021

As a client looking for the best marketing and SEO to elevate your brand, increase awareness of your company, and boost your sales conversions, you know your expectations wholeheartedly. 

However, not to be dazzled by marketing jargon and SEO talk, do you really know what you want to get out of building your SEO and therefore understand the essentials to look out for in an SEO proposal? 

Often businesses today look to maximise their SEO by using a combination of their in-house team’s expertise AND external contractors who can provide specialist support, knowledge, and a varied skill set. 

If you do opt to work with a digital marketing agency – great! 

To help ensure they fully meet your needs and expectations at Buzz Panda Digital, we’ve pulled together our top SEO areas that a digital marketing agency should be doing as part of their SEO package.

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What to look out for in an experienced digital agency and their SEO proposal 

They will carry out a marketing and SEO audit. 

Any good digital marketing agency will make an SEO audit their first port of call.  It allows them to review current performance, identify any issues, and develop a robust baseline that you can measure new SEO tactics against. 

To show skill and determination (and impress the client), many agencies will look at short-term, quick wins.  However, we stress, there needs to be a recognition that these are short-term wins from short-term objectives, and successful SEO is much more long-term planning and implementation. 

They will carry out detailed keyword research. 

This element should be the start of any SEO project.  For example, in this instance, the SEO agency will work with any pre-existing lists, prioritising and grouping keywords and potential themes – prioritising only those relevant to the company now and in the future.  The more detail you can provide at this stage, the greater opportunity the agency will have to provide data that shows a good return from SEO (which is always a winner). 

They take the time to know your competitors. 

Not personally, but they have benchmarked you against your top listing competitors.  This isn’t to highlight who is better than whom, but rather to have a base to benchmark performance against. 

They plan to carry out a technical SEO audit. 

A thorough digital agency will dig deep into your SEO.  Checking how successful search engines can crawl and index pages on your site.  This analysis involves highlighting duplicate content, checking redirects, sitemaps, crawler access, and even source code. 

If you find an area of your site particularly challenging, now is also the perfect time to mention it, allowing the SEO agency to see if they can get to the root cause. 

They plan a backlink audit. 

Gathering natural link profiles is essential in growing your SEO presence, and a good digital marketing agency will know this. 

Look out for the process they used to highlight poor quality or broken links. 

Review all content. 

Content reviews should, of course, consider the content of your current site and its overall effectiveness, but it also needs to consider other sites and information hubs where your content is referenced, shown, or linked to. 

A plan to review your social media. 

A review should be conducted to look at how you currently use your social media channels.  Who manages this?  Are you using the same channels as your target audience?  How often do you post?  Are you using the right keywords, hashtags, etc.? 

From here, the agency can highlight any gaps or potential opportunities that you can maximise. 

Ideally, you need your digital agency to tell you with confidence where you should be investing when it comes to your social space. 

Production of a robust SEO strategy. 

After gathering all the relevant data and information, the marketing agency should be able to provide you with a detailed SEO strategy and clear direction and focus for the future. 

It’s important to remember that this also must align with your vision, values, goals, and long-term business objectives. 

Forecast performance. 

Once everyone is happy with the SEO plan (and this is very important), you need to know what good SEO performance looks like and how this will be reported on, i.e., weekly, monthly, the format of reports, etc. 

As a minimum, your chosen agency should provide you with SEO KPIs and metrics alongside analytical tools and processes so you can clearly measure success and match outcomes against goals and objectives. 

The Biggy – Cost. 

When it comes to this element of the proposal, think about what you would like the agency’s working relationship to be going forward.  Do you have all the information you need about the SEO agency, so you know who they are and what they’re about?  For example, who have they worked with?  What is their experience?  Who are the team members working with you? 

As well as providing all of this information you should also receive at this stage a cost guide.  Outlining all the specifics relating to payments and invoicing and the deliverables that the agency is committing to, i.e., timescales, workloads, etc. 

Check the fit. 

Chemistry and good chemistry between both parties is a must.  Trust us; a good fit will lead to a good and solid working relationship. 

Ideally, your chosen agency should also have experience working in your sector and industry, as this will also affect fit. 

Marketing and SEO working hand in hand. 

SEO is one of a multitude of marketing tactics businesses have at their disposal, and the proposed SEO strategy must show how it will integrate with the other marketing tactics. 

It is also important to understand how paid, and organic search is integrated into the strategy, incorporating keyword prioritisation and the all-important test and test again philosophy. 

When it comes to the perfect SEO proposal that knocks you off your feet and has you signing up asap, what do you look for? 

At Buzz Panda Digital we like to think of ourselves as experts in the SEO field, but don’t just take our word for it!  Make sure to read what our clients have to say about some of our great SEO work.

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