Planning a Website Redesign. The Ultimate Resource And Guide

Sep 27, 2022

Planning a website redesign is an exciting but daunting project for any business owner. Your website acts as your online storefront, which is why it’s essential for any business that is looking to grow and thrive over the upcoming years. Today we’re going to share our complete guide to website redesign options, to help you find the best way to tackle this job. Our team will be on hand at any time to answer your questions on the topic and support you with this work.

Does Your Website Need Redesigning?

The first question you need to ask yourself is whether your website needs a redesign. If you’ve landed on our website redesign guide, you no doubt think this is a necessary project for your business. If the site looks outdated and isn’t functioning as well as you’d like it to, then this is a clear sign that you need your website redesigning completely. Redesigning a website isn’t a quick or easy task, which is why we recommend you work with a team of professionals to make this job a success. Website redesigning will take a good amount of your time and effort, but you’ll find that in the end, it should help to improve your digital marketing and sales significantly.

Plan Your Website Redesign

If you’ve decided that your site does need to be redesigned, then the first step is to create your strategy and plan for this job. Make sure you have a deadline in mind, as this will keep you focused on the task at hand at all times. Website redesign will need you to invest a fair amount of money and time into the task, but you’ll find it’s well worth it in the long run. Our team will be happy to assess your current site, and then we can put together a plan of the key areas which need improving. If you have certain complaints from your customers which come up over and over again, then make sure you address these areas first. From there, you can start to add or update other features so that you offer a modern user experience.

When tackling website redesigning, you’ll want to think about what you are trying to achieve from this task. If you are looking to improve your online marketing, then make sure your website is geared towards improving your sales and converting customers. This redesigning website guide can be applied to any type of business, but no doubt you are looking to boost your sales from this work. Take the time to review your competition’s website so you can figure out a way to stay ahead of them when redesigning a website.

Decide How Many Pages You Want to Add

When reviewing our guide for website redesign, you’ll want to think about how many pages you want to add to your site in order for it to offer an effective user experience. Many companies think that adding more to their site will make it better, but this isn’t the case at all. Instead, focus on offering your customers all of the information they need but not too much that they become overwhelmed. The more pages you add, the less likely they will be to find the information that they need and convert to paying customers.

Choose an Attractive Website Theme and Design

Your website theme and design will impact the first impression that people get when they land on your site. You want to choose a theme that’s reflective of what your company offers, so that people know straight away they’ve come to the right page. Make sure you aren’t too ambitious with your website design though, as this could delay the project and its finish date. We recommend planning out your website design in advance and then making tweaks as you go along if you realise you’ve been too optimistic about what you can achieve in a short period of time. By having this flexibility, you’ll finish your website redesign on time, ready to launch it to the world.

Planning a website redesign is an important task for any business owner that’s looking to improve their digital marketing strategy. We recommend taking your time to plan out your website redesign, so that you aren’t too ambitious about when this work will be completed by. From there, you can decide if you will take on this task alone or outsource the work to a team of professionals who are experienced with this job. Our team will be on hand at any point to support you with your website redesign and ensure you have the assistance you need to create a site that you’ll be proud to share with the world. Contact us today for more information and to start working on your website redesign.

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