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Website redesign holds a LOT of weight on SEO (and most agencies don’t know that). Carefully remapped sites boost rankings but…

If your site isn’t re-done properly it can drop by thousands of organic visits and lower your ranking online.

“…This has led to a dramatic increase in traffic and when asked ‘Where did they hear about us?’, the answer is nearly always google and then onto our website.”

Lizzie A
Commercial Cleaning Company

“The results have been truly outstanding and new clients seem to get in touch with us on a daily basis.”

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Companies We’ve Worked With

North West Hand Surgeon
Full Sparkle
Secure and Recruit
Abbey Dental Practice

How does it work?

Time and time again we see businesses get their site redesigned only to see a decrease in rank on Google… losing sales… and not showing up on search engines as much. We took the time to figure out the exact formula to ensure this doesn’t happen to you and how you can actually boost your organic traffic with a redesign.

We look at the elements of your site that show up for customers searching on Google or Bing. This is then woven into your new site along with other improvements that have been proven to boost your ranking and authority score.

Now you can finally have an optimized modern website while also reaping the benefits of increased organic traffic.

Our Hassle-Free Approach


Detailed Audit

The goal of this audit is to find elements of your site that are working well so that they can be maintained and improved during the redesign (something other agencies leave out).


Offer Angle Workshop

Angles are everything! By disecting your offer and determining how people search for it… we can add SEO directly into the site that will allow you to be found more often for what you do.


Defining the Journey

The best businesses know their customers inside and out. We add onto your existing target research and determine the best way to market to them so that you see an increase in coversions from your newfound traffic.


Become an Industry Leader

Your site will no longer be hiding in the shadows. With modern SEO techniques you’ll start to climb the search rankings for your industry and finally be a well known name in the marketplace.


Guaranteeing Progess

To be the best… you have to plan like the best. We’ll show you how you can track specific KPI’s to ensure consistent growth.

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    Because we have different packages we’ll need to learn more about your specific situation before we move forward. Let’s have a quick chat and we’ll point you in the right direction whether we’re a good fit or not!

    You Shouldn’t Have to Pay Extra for the Things That Make a Website Work!

    All our websites include:


    • Premium, fast UK hosting for 12 months
    • Stock images (number depends on the package) 
    • 1 professional email
    • Wordpress CMS
    • SSL certificate (secure website)


    • Full optimisation for all pages
    • Before and after website audits and data collection
    • Redirects for any current links
    • Schema
    • Google map integration
    • Image optimisation
    • Keywords research


    • Responsive/mobile friendly
    • GDPR
    • Legal pages
    • Blog page
    • Call-to-action buttons
    • Contact form


    • Google Analytics
    • Google Search Console
    • Bing Web tools
    • Website login security
    • Social media integration


    • Website information file
    • 2 hrs site walkthrough
    • File of images and copy from the website
    • Full ongoing support through out the build

    What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

    “…This has led to a dramatic increase in traffic and when asked ‘Where did they hear about us?’, the answer is nearly always google and then onto our website.”

    Lizzie A
    Commercial Cleaning Company

    “…This has led to a dramatic increase in traffic and when asked ‘Where did they hear about us?’, the answer is nearly always google and then onto our website.”

    Lizzie A
    Commercial Cleaning Company


    Find the answers to some of the most asked questions here.   

    We can answer any other questions you have by email (link to contact page below) or ask us a question in the pop up box at the bottom right of the website.

    Do I have to write the content?

    We are very flexible. We will guide you in the amount of content needed, what keywords to include and where it will be used. To optimise the website for the search engines and user experience we may change the content slightly after discussing it with you and getting your approval.  Another option is to use our content writing service, we take time to understand you, your business and what you want to say then produce fully optimised content at an extra cost. 

    Will there be extra monthly costs?

    Some website redesigns and builds have an ongoing monthly fee to cover hosting, domain name renewal and maintenance.  We do not charge monthly fees after your website is complete.  Many services are included for the first 12 months after build then we offer flexible maintenance and management packages only charging you for what you need. Your website belongs to you; we are here to help with it as little or as much as you require.

    Can I make changes to the website myself?

    All website packages include up to 2 hours walk through where we show you the website and how to make basic changes.  We do not recommend you do any major edits unless you are experienced.  We offer hourly web development packages for any changes you cannot do yourself and include varying amounts of web development time within the maintenance and support packages we offer. 

    How long do the builds take?

    We have a fast turn around once we have all the content for your website redesign or new build.  Most website builds, after the content is provided and signed off, take around 3 weeks.  This does depend on the size and complexity of individual sites, some can be completed faster, others take much longer.  The important part is to get it right and make sure the website both looks amazing and functions perfectly for your users and the search engines. 

    What is included?

    All website redesign and new build packages include many features.  These are all listed above.  We provide everything you need for your website in one package, you do not need to pay extra for the things that make a website work.

    What images do I need?

    We include a number of stock images and videos in each package but recommend that you have your own images and video.  Your business is unique and your website is the window into your business which helps potential customers decide whether they want to purchase from you or not.  Individual images showing your premises, your team, the work or products you provide and your ethos as a company are the best ones to use.  If you do not have your own images we can support you in deciding what images you need and how to get them. Including video in your website is an amazing way to connect with your customers and answer any questions they may have, increasing conversion (closing the sales). We can produce a range of videos for you at an extra cost or support you in planning your own. 

    What happens to my email?

    We include one professional email with each package. This is something like  If you already have emails using your domain name we will help you back them up and change them over to our servers with the website. 

    Do I have to use your server?

    We provide 12 months hosting on our premium, fast UK servers as part of every website package but if you have your own host you want to use we are happy to migrate your completed website.  The maintenance packages cannot be offered on other servers though so make sure they offer this for you. 

    How much does it cost?

    Every project requires different tweaks and fixes to get things running as smoothly as possible. Because of this… there is no one size fits all. You can expect website redesign packages to be between £1795 and £9995 though. Which considering how much more organic traffic you’ll be bringing in… this should be covered fairly quickly. Schedule a call and we can give you a more accurate quote.

    How do I get started?

    All projects are unique, if you are interested in getting a website design with us get in touch and we will schedule a call to discuss your project in detail and get a free audit.  We will lay out the actions needed and provide you with an individual quote after we have found out more about your business, your website and your needs.  If you don’t work with us after that you will still have a plan of action to take with you to help you decide what to do next.

    Our Recent Projects

    North West Hand Surgeon
    Full Sparkle
    Secure and Recruit
    Abbey Dental Practice

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