Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Sep 9, 2022

When you land on a new website, there’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for the pages to load. In fact, many businesses lose potential customers purely because their website didn’t load fast enough. If you already have your WordPress website set up, then it’s time to think about whether you need to take some simple steps to improve the speed of your site. Let’s take a look at how to speed up a WordPress site in order to give your customers the best experience possible this year. Click here for more information about the website services we offer and how we can help your company over the upcoming months. 

Update Your Site

If you haven’t updated your WordPress website recently, then you must do this straight away to have the best chance of improving the speed and efficiency of your site. When you are assigned the role of a WordPress administrator, updating the site should be part of your regular routine. Make sure you update the core, plugins, and themes in order to offer your users the best experience possible. This will help to overcome any bugs that you may be experiencing and ensure that the site is functioning to its full potential. You may find this is all you need to do in order to improve the speed of your site, but of course, there are other steps to take to speed up a WordPress site which we’ll share below. 

Delete Plugins You No Longer Use

To improve WordPress site speed, you’ll want to get rid of any plugins which you no longer use. Think of each plugin as a piece of software that’s saved on your website. When you have too many in use at one time, it will impact the load time of the pages on your site. People often leave plugins on the site long after they’ve been in use, which is a clear indication you could delete them. If you have too many plugins on your site, you’ll also want to think about cutting back a little and just keeping the most essential ones. 

We recommend deactivating each of the plugins you no longer use one at a time. After each one is removed, you can test the site speed and ensure that the site still works properly. You may find that you only need to remove a couple to see a huge difference and speed up the WordPress site. 

Choose a Different WordPress Theme

The WordPress theme you choose for your website will have a huge impact on the speed and efficiency of each page. If you have a very heavy WordPress theme, try to choose one that is much lighter and that will load quicker. Even if you think the theme is very impressive, it may be more frustrating for your potential customers when the site doesn’t load quickly. All of the effects contained within some themes only work to make it slow to load each page, so try to find a simple but attractive theme that you can then customise and add plugins to in the future. 

Optimize Your Images and Videos

Images are an important part of any website, but they are often the biggest culprit of slow WordPress websites. Try to reduce the size of your image files to the best of your ability, without impacting the quality of the images. Aim to save space on your site without making it impossible for your website visitors to enjoy viewing the pictures you’ve added to the site. Consider downloading an image editing software solution which can help to make this job quick and easy when you are looking to improve your website speed. 

Working hand in hand with images on your site to slow down the website loading speed is the videos you’ve added to each page. When adding videos to your site, we recommend looking into avoiding hosting videos on your server. These are some of the most intensive files you could add to the site as far as the resources you use and will slow down your site significantly. Look to use a video hosting site such as YouTube to make your site load quicker while still offering the same content to your website users. 

These are just a few of the best ways to speed up your WordPress site this year. None of these changes will take long to implement, but they’ll all have a huge impact on the overall quality of your site and the load speed. Of course, you may want to look at redesigning your site altogether if you have many issues, and our team will be on hand to support you with that in the future. Get in touch with us today with any questions you have about speeding up your WordPress site or how our team can be of assistance to you.