Trade professionals working hard to rectify those lockdown DIY jobs!

Aug 29, 2020

Lockdown. One word that conjures up a range of different thoughts, emotions, and images in everyone’s minds. 

For the majority of people who spent lockdown, well, in lockdown, it provided an ideal opportunity to tackle those DIY jobs that had been put off or forgotten about for such a long time. 

It was an opportunity for people to roll their sleeves up and get stuck into their homes. Whether this was touching up a little bit of paintwork, bleeding radiators ready for the winter coming, carrying out work in the bathroom or kitchen, or what seems to have been most popular, carrying out work in the garden – homeowners got to work. 

Tackling small faults and cosmetic damage that now bothered them, or taking on more substantial scale overhauls, people took their DIY skills to the next level. In some cases, they had to as trades professionals were also unavailable for a short period. 

For many of us, it was a way to combat our boredom, however, and probably most importantly, it was a way for us to keep ourselves busy. To show that we had accomplished or achieved something, i.e., we had something to show for our time. 

However, there is a big reason why so many of us put off home renovations or general DIY jobs… 

…they’re daunting!   

Especially if you don’t know what you’re doing! 

In addition to this, life is often very hectic! Which typically means a lack of time mixed with a lack of DIY knowledge equals jobs around the home becoming a pain.   

To the point where, as homeowners, we put off even the simplest of tasks.

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Helping to keep the nation sane 

Interestingly, research in the area of DIY shows that the most popular area in the home to tackle is DIY projects around the kitchen.  This is quickly followed by work in the garden and the bathroom.   

For all small jobs in these areas might be good to tackle, for the more complex jobs a professional, someone who really knows their stuff, is essential. 

Of course, we understand that in some respects, carrying out small home improvements makes us feel satisfied, almost proud of ourselves. Pleased that the new shelf in the hallway is one that we have put up or glad in the knowledge that the kitchen cupboard door is no longer hanging on for dear life! Knowing that, if we do these things right, it also relaxes and calms us. 

But and this is the thing. 

DIY is only good for people’s well-being if the outcome is a positive one. As most trade professionals are now finding out, people have been trying to tackle many jobs around the house that typically need a more experienced hand. 

YouTube and Google tutorials can only take people so far when it comes to bleeding radiators, or fitting a new garden fence with all new posts, or even laying a new decking or patio area in the garden! 

Putting trades in the spotlight 

No longer do a nation of homeowners want to turn a blind eye to the cracked paint, the chipped skirting boards, the tired-looking kitchen units, or the rickety fence that is `just` hanging on in there. 

No longer do we want to fight for those supplies in low demand (paint seemed to rival toilet paper as the most have household essentials during lockdown). 

And, we no longer want to be left with no electricity and still no shelving unit as we inadvertently drill through the wrong point in the wall and now have a much larger job on our hands than first expected! 

We want professional tradespeople across various sectors to help put right the jobs that we have done wrong! 

The good news is that 99.9% of trades are back (if they even stopped at all) and working at full capacity. 

Working full steam ahead, helping to rectify those lockdown DIY jobs.  Checking what’s behind those walls with pipe, cable, and stud detectors. Coming equipped with materials, paint, and years of experience. 

Now, building and home renovation firms are busier than ever, with reports stating that approximately four jobs per household were tackled during the lockdown, tradespeople are certainly being kept on their toes. 

Finding the right professional 

It’s estimated that people spend millions and millions of pounds every year rectifying botched DIY jobs.   With on average, nine DIY jobs around the home going wrong annually. 

During the lockdown, we imagine this number to be a lot, lot higher. 

Plus, with more people than ever spending a vast amount of time at home, they also see more jobs that need doing, and as such, they now book a professional to take care of those jobs that once went unnoticed. 

However, most people find it challenging to not only find a tradesperson but to find a good, trustworthy, and experienced trades professional. 

Someone qualified to do the job. 

People often don’t know where to look first, so turn to Google and see what’s returned in the search results! 

To find the right tradesperson for your home renovation projects, tradespeople need to be checked and vetted and have some substance and quality about them online. 

People want to find a fully qualified, insured professional that can save time, money, fix the problem, and save a lot of hassle in the long run. 

That’s where we can help. 

By investing in your digital marketing strategies now, we can help place your business in front of the customers who need your help today. 

Call our team on 01606 374995 or visit our website to determine how we can boost your profile and presence in your area.

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