Tips to Redesign a Website Without Losing SEO

Mar 12, 2024

Redesigning your current website is a great way to improve the user experience for your customers and offer them the information and tools they need to purchase your product or service. When it comes to redesigning a website, one of the most important things to keep in mind is not damaging your current SEO strategies, especially those that are working effectively for your business. Here at Buzz Panda Digital, we can support you with improving your SEO and website. Today we’re going to share some key things to keep in mind when it comes to redesigning website without losing SEO, so keep reading to discover our top tips to make your website visible to more people than ever.

Start with a Review of Your Current Site

The first step to SEO for website redesign is to review your current site to see what is and isn’t working for your team. You may find that certain pages of your site are getting a large amount of traffic, while others are lacking in interest. There may be keywords or phrases that are working successfully within your content, even if the content you currently offer is no longer relevant or useful for your customers. We recommend taking the time to either work with our team or review your site alone and create a list of the elements of your current site you would like to keep. From there, you can start the website redesign Northwich process and work with us to create a site that will offer great value to your customers.

Set Goals for Your New Website

If you are investing the time and money into upgrading your current site, you no doubt have a reason for doing this. We encourage clients who are interested in our website redesign service in Northwich to come to us with a list of goals for their project. This will ensure that both of our teams are on the same page for the work before we get started. By taking the time to create a vision for your new site, you will be much more likely to see the results you desire. You don’t need to have an idea of what will be on every page of your website at this point, but a list of the key features and information you are looking to add will help to make the project a greater success.

Page Speed

One of the key factors we look at when working on website revamping and SEO is the page speed throughout the site. This can be one of the top reasons for upgrading a website and is often just a case of needing to make a few tweaks to the content on each page to speed up the loading of the site. Page speed is one of the top factors for SEO ranking. However, many businesses overlook this and just work on adding creative content and images to the site. While these can make the website look more attractive, that shouldn’t always be your top concern for SEO. Our team will work with you to get to the root of the reasons for your slow loading pages and work to overcome this while we strive to retain SEO ranking while revamping the website.

SEO Keywords and Content Improvement

You may find that you have a list of SEO keywords that work very effectively on your website. While keywords are essential for SEO ranking, you also want to make sure the information that the keywords are contained within is relevant and useful for your customers. If you haven’t updated your website in a few years, you may find that it’s time to improve your content and make the information more up-to-date. Ensure you don’t remove the keywords that are working for your business niche, but take the time to review new keywords you could add and improve the content on your site to the best of your ability.

Test Your New Site Before the Launch

Before you share your new website with the world, the final step should be to perform extensive tests of your website redesign and SEO work. You can start testing the site as each segment of the project is completed. The more you test the site ahead of sharing it with your customers, the more likely you will be to find any bugs and issues before they do. The last thing you want to do is share your excitement with your customers about your new site only to find that it doesn’t do everything you are promising that it will. As part of our website redesign service, we can also assist with this and work through our website redesigning SEO checklist to avoid issues in the future.

By keeping these top tips in mind, you can work to avoid losing SEO during your website redesign. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how we can support you with your upcoming website redesign project.