Do you know your social media marketing from your social media advertising?

Sep 25, 2020

The first question you might ask yourself in response to this is, “Do I really need to?”. 

It’s a fair question. 

However, with more and more customers online (especially now), getting your business and what you offer in front of their eyes, precisely when they’re looking for a service you provide, is essential. 

Social media is a way that now connects you with hundreds, if not thousands of people instantly, placing you in front of your customers numerous times a day. It’s responsive, engaging, and a way to show your personality, bringing your brand to life. 

These online networks are ways to find out more about businesses, their values, services, company ethos, etc. 

Plus, with approximately 95% of online adults 18 to 34 likely to follow a brand via social networking – do you want to miss out on the action? 

But which one’s best social management or social media advertising? 

Social media marketing vs. social advertising 

Social media management/marketing is any post or piece of information that you place on your social media feeds that is unpaid.  Often seen as more natural and non-invasive, posts and pictures, etc. should focus on your content strategy supporting continual traffic.  

For example, it could be your latest blog on creating the perfect kitchen. Maybe you’re planning on posting a picture of your latest building project/renovation or simply commenting on someone else’s post, etc.. All of these activities can be classified as marketing and managing your social media networks. 

The opposite side of this is social media advertising – where you have paid for space or the promotion of specific posts.  Whether to boost particular posts, target certain audiences, run special limited time offers, etc., social advertising is much more focused on a higher and more measurable return rate. 

To help build a robust digital strategy and take charge of your digital space, it’s important to know the differences between the two approaches and draw out the advantages that will benefit your business. 

Social Media Management 

A must in any digital strategy, social media management focuses on all of your social activity across all of the social media platforms you use.  Most companies will have company pages across various social platforms where you can post blogs, updates, highlight posts you’ve liked, shared, commented on, and more. 

This is what is often known as an organic activity – promoting your business without using paid media, hence requiring little to no investment.  Social media management can still see a good level of success when engaging and relevant content is posted.  However, it’s important to remember that it’s not about pushing your products and services and going for the hard sell, but instead showcasing visually what you do, posting useful, helpful, and engaging blog posts, how-to guides, video tutorials, and more. 

Of course, not everyone needs to be visible and operating across every single network, but rather you and your business should be where your customers are i.e., if the majority of your target audience is actively engaging with Facebook, then Facebook is where you need to be! 

For builders and those working in home renovations, the most popular social sites are Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz. Here you can show off photos of your first-class work, amazing customers, and potential customers with spectacular before and after pictures. 

However, for all, posting beautiful finished building projects is a key element for promoting your work; it is engagement and interaction online that will drive your business. 

Liking, commenting, and sharing relevant content and posting on your pages (things such as finished projects, best tools for decorating your home, how to remodel your home on a budget, etc.) all help boost your position on social media and generate new followers. 

Why opt for social media management? 

It gets you seen. 

It helps you to draw in your target customers slowly.  Building up relationships and, eventually, your community of followers. 

Social media marketing is a tool that can build brand awareness, establish and build your reputation, and develop your voice as an authoritative leader in your field. 

Social Media Advertising 

Also known as paid advertising, companies run paid social ads that you can place across various social channels at any given time.  For example, when we see a “promoted” or “sponsored” post-pop on your newsfeed, this tends to be a paid advert. 

Advertising does generate higher leads due to its accuracy as using paid social media; you can tap into the wealth of knowledge these networking sites have about their users, allowing you to really zone in on the needs of your audience.  You can learn how your customers are engaging with social media and use this information to create then specific content that appeals to their exact needs and wants. 

With social advertising, you get a choice in style and type of advert so that you can tailor everything to your exact requirements and vision.  For example, you could opt for a banner ad, native ads, or boost the campaigns you have running or a particular post you would like to push.  Opting for completely personalised and specific promotional ads improves your chances of success and getting the results you want. 

The charge for such ads is often calculated on a pay per click (PPC) basis or a cost per impression, but your social media team will be able to clarify this for you and work on approximate costs to help you with budgeting! 

Social advertising is a great way to boost your content and promote it in all the right places.  Growing your voice, recognition in the sector, and reputation in your area much faster. 

Ads are primarily designed around campaigns or a particular piece of content you’re offering.  For example, a free “how-to” guide (always goes down a storm) can not only help to increase your content’s reach; it also helps to drive that all-important traffic to your website. 

Why opt for social media advertising? 

You can target your exact audience. 

You can narrow down the people you want to target precisely, using location, age, gender, interests, activities, etc., focusing on who you really want to target with your services, driving more leads and conversions through your sales funnel. 

Targeting in such a way guarantees that you’re getting the most value for your money because those who click on your ad are genuinely interested in your service and want to find out more.  They are the most relevant people to your business (your ideal customer). 

In this sense, paid social offers you a good return on investment when analysing your marketing and advertising budgets. 

To help prove all this, you also have the added benefit of analytics.  Monitoring feedback and data, you can continuously evolve and adapt your ads depending on the trends the data shows, increasing your reach, engagement, and all-important ROI.  Quickly rehashing adverts to suit different audiences also helps keep your content fresh and stop it from looking like spam when appearing on news feeds.  No longer are you waiting for next month’s home DIY magazine to be printed so your newly targeted advert can be displayed? 

Social advertising is also great when you have a specific message to push, or if you need to communicate something promptly.  It offers businesses quick wins, high exposure, and is ultimately vital in supporting growth strategies. 

So which one’s best?  Management or Advertising? 

Not to avoid picking sides, but…. both! 

These two strategies combined can be extremely powerful for businesses, and we would always recommend they run in tandem with your wider digital strategy. 

For your digital marketing strategy to be a success, you need social media management AND social media advertising.  Using marketing to build up your community, building relationships, playing the long-game, and advertising to get your name, business, and services in front of the people looking for precisely what you have to offer at the perfect moment! 

These two strategies combined can be if done well, the most effective techniques to make social media work for you and your business.

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Optimise your results with us today! 

Ultimately, managing your social media channels can drive customers to you, but it is a long game and often takes a considerable amount of work.  Businesses now need advertising to help gain traction faster, getting those immediate results, and positioning your company in the right way to your ideal target audience. 

Let us take the stress out of social media; we can generate social media advertising for you, so you can focus on the leads and sales coming through your sales funnel. 

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