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Our SEO professional services are designed to suit your unique needs. You can choose between our full-service SEO package or create a stand-alone campaign with any mix of our services because we offer it all. SEO services are some of the most valuable and effective digital marketing tools that can help you increase website traffic and significantly improve conversion rates. It is not only about getting more visibility, but also about building up your own brand as well as increasing your reach; thus, SEO is business-to-business (B2B), business-to-customer (B2C), online shops, or professional service-oriented. Always wanting to grow organic traffic, we focus on giving you value for money. Trust me, there has never been a time when SEO has been more important for businesses to be successful in Knutsford. To find out more information about this service, please give us a call.


Recent Projects

A handful of some of the incredible web design projects we’ve completed.

Tailored Website and SEO Services for You

When it comes to improving your visibility further online and making your website even better in any way, targeting wider search volumes and working on your SEO strategy will ultimately improve sales and revenue always. The simplest form of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) involves finding relevant keywords for content on websites by checking keyword density. Using these keywords through fresh content added on the site plus some technical SEO tactics ensures that you will be found easily by moving up the pages in search engines. Buzz Panda Digital will help you achieve all this in Knutsford.

Our Process

There is an extensive process that we go through with each one of our professional SEO services:

Initial Audit

We strive to make our work as efficient as possible so that we provide excellent results; hence why we perform a check-up on your current site’s health condition. In doing so, we identify areas of optimisation and potential areas where we can make quick wins. We extensively analyse your website structure, the user experience as it stands and how well search engine bots can crawl through it; we’ll do keyword research, on-page SEO will be done, broken links identified and fixed, duplicate content highlighted and removed. Getting to know you better is our prerogative; therefore, we base your business at the starting point of what you already have and then dig into its depth in Knutsford.

Competitor Analysis

Are you aware of how you are doing compared to competitors online in Knutsford? How do you compare in terms of ranking for the most searched terms for your industry? What are your competitors’ strengths? How can you do better than them? To furnish this complete insight into your sector so that you can develop a successful long-term plan, Buzz Panda undertakes an in-depth analysis of what is happening with your rivals.

SEO Roadmap

Our pro-SEO services include giving clients a bespoke SEO strategy roadmap which covers all aspects of SEO that will work for their firms- looking at both short-term strategies and quick wins plus long-term sustainable SEO solutions. In addition to all these things, this roadmap will also cover costs/budgets, reporting methods as well as providing useful insights/metrics. Once the SEO strategy and map have been agreed upon, we get started. Monitoring the campaign results and giving you visible, long-lasting results such as increasing web traffic and improving conversion rates in Knutsford.

Ongoing Monitoring

We do not conclude with testing and changing. Ongoing monitoring and assessment of your website’s performance together with the search engine optimisation strategy implemented for it thus ensures that everything is running smoothly and in full swing. We are on top of things by always patching up issues, making improvements, and constantly keeping SEO in line with Google’s latest algorithms as well as best practices; there will be a monthly report to keep you posted with all this information plus other data. This is also a good time to schedule a discovery call in Knutsford.


We know that not all websites are the same, and we understand that your business objectives and aims for your site vary and change. That’s why our discovery calls are so important.

We want to find out as much information as we can to build you the perfect web design package tailored to your needs.

Working for you, we deliver measurable results that support your business growth and provide you with opportunities in the digital space.

Schedule your FREE call with us today and put our team to the test.

Our Services

SEO Keyword Research Service

To succeed in SEO, it is crucial to have good keyword research. In this kind of research, we carefully analyse each and every word and give you a full report with a breakdown of results. We find out everything for you including what your target audience searches for, words they use, questions they ask, images they view, or anything else required. It is our detailed analysis and expertise in the keyword domain that truly makes us different from others and provides you an edge over competitors in Knutsford.

On-page Optimisation

We are experts at technical SEO and link building so we deploy these skills on your site when working on its structure and design to make sure that it is user-friendly enough to meet your target audience’s needs. Copywriting geniuses are at hand to develop or redevelop your content until Google can no longer resist ranking it. Everything inclusive improving meta descriptions, titles, alt tags, etc. will be brought into focus and analysed by us in Knutsford.

Content Optimisation and Creation

What can be added to your content to make search engines really pay attention? When it comes to your content, we look to optimise the language used, editing alt tags, metadata, headings, and page content. We offer you a content strategy which presents how best practices concerning building SEO keywords into effective plans should be followed while exhibiting business authority thereby making the information contained in the material important for search engines when assessing relevance of what companies share publicly in Knutsford.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO checks how fast sites load; ensures codes are up-to-date; tests regularly; monitors broken links; creates website structures that guarantee ease of navigation by users; among others. Technical SEO deals with enhancing user experience in order to retain them longer hence increase leads generation as well as sales conversion rates in Knutsford.

Web Design and SEO Services

Our website design and SEO services work together to ensure that we fully optimise the user experience. As a result, we incorporate customer retention in your strategy as it is key to increasing conversion rates. From looking at web layout, site speed, relevant content, colors, keywords, and more, we focus on delivering measurable results that support your business goals and objectives. With organic visibility increase as the key to lead generation and sales growth, our team are true SEO professionals for you to rely on in Knutsford.

Link Building Services

Our link-building outreach service focuses on building your authority online naturally. We tailor each link-building strategy to our clients, ensuring that only high-authority and relevant links are achieved. As part of our link-building outreach service, we provide high-quality blogging outreach solutions which include infographics. These will help you enhance your e-outsourcing capabilities as well as authority for generating high-quality contextual backlinks thus boosting search ranking placement for top performance placements in Knutsford. Building links is a very tedious process since one needs to scrutinize many websites — that is, find ones with good metrics and stats, sites that are updated, stay away from link networks and spam sites, and use trust flow metrics together with page rank or domain authority to evaluate the quality of all links as well as sites. But when you get your link building formula right, you can become an irresistible force for driving traffic to your site and gradually enhancing the visibility of your business in search engines.

Online Reputation Management

Your reputation is the most important thing you have in business, because as we all know a good reputation gets hard to build while it can be destroyed very easily. This is where reputation management comes in. You have to secure your online image for that; therefore, you should work with customer feedbacks on the web. There are good and bad reasons why people or customers write reviews online. Customers depend on, and trust other customers’ opinions on products and services whether they are accurate or not so it’s crucial that you always strive to keep them upbeat, which may take forever and consume most of your time. Our team helps eliminate false reviews from websites as well as other information that threaten your name. Adopting positive content creation tactics leading to positive outcomes. We also help guide in developing strategies that will encourage online reviews, helping monitor responses and encouraging timely two-way communication in Knutsford.

Google My Business

Having the correct GMB (Google My Business) profile is necessary if you want high local SEO rankings in Knutsford.


For instance reports show: It is 2.7 times more likely for a complete GMB profile to make someone consider your business reputable. 70% of people who browse your GMB are most likely to visit you. 50% higher chance of buying from you.

People will see this when they search for something related to what you do so let them have trust in the accuracy of these details about your company. We help businesses set up, optimise, and manage their Google My Business profile, helping to choose the most appropriate categories to associate your business with, incorporating pictures with alt tags, promoting reviews and asking for these, replying to customers in an appropriate time frame, and more.

We also help with GMB optimisation by producing catchy and informative posts that link to the local area and your business. These posts attract curiosity and attention while highlighting your business’s latest products, services, offers, and updates in Knutsford. Google My Business is a powerful marketing tool that more and more businesses use to attract more visitors, boost new leads, and increase their search ranking presence in Knutsford. We also help with GMB optimisation by writing teasers around the local area that point back to your business. This means that while those posts are creating interest as well as traffic for your company through indicating its most recent products or services up for sale in the marketplace, it is also providing information about the surrounding area where your business could be found. Due to the timeframe it takes to create Google My Business profiles, we will audit yours and compare this against competitors’ profiles making recommendations on SEO solutions which we will give you a full report of so you can stay ahead of them in Knutsford.

These include:

  • Frequent posting with links to your site
  • Requesting clients’ feedback
  • Optimising images as well as contents using right keywords
  • Responding to all questions quickly
  • Keeping content updated and relevant
  • Having an entire profile 

Why Choose Us?

SEO can appear like a minefield littered with acronyms and technical jargon that will make anybody want to run for the hills! Well, not when you’re working with us. We take away SEO headaches by implementing strategic SEO campaigns tailored towards what works best for our customers. We know there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for SEO; what might work for one may not necessarily work for another business. That’s why each service offered by us can be used independently or bundled together into a customised solution just for you. We focus on results, transparency, and outcomes in Knutsford. Our years of SEO experience and passion for SEO drive successful campaigns. All our services are suitable for startups as well as established businesses, using the most recent technologies among others. Book a discovery call today to see how we can help you in Knutsford.

Companies We’ve Worked With

North West Hand Surgeon
Full Sparkle
Secure and Recruit
Abbey Dental Practice


We want to put your mind at ease that when you choose to work with us, you’re in safe and capable hands. Below, you’ll find our most commonly asked questions; however, if you have a question that we haven’t provided an answer for, please let us know, email We look forward to hearing from you.

Q: Do keywords really matter that much?

Yes! They are the basis of SEO. But it’s not about keyword stuffing; you should study your audience and figure out what language they use to find products or services like yours. Then, you need to answer their questions in your content, address their concerns and show them why they should choose you over someone else in Knutsford.

Why do I need SEO?

There is so much information available online today–how does anyone find anything? How can I make sure people see what I have to offer? That’s where SEO comes into play. Good search visibility means being in front of the right people on the right platforms at the right time.

It’s also worth noting that implementing appropriate SEO services for your business in Knutsford can be one of the most cost-effective ways to increase leads and sales.

Should we outsource our SEO or do it ourselves in Knutsford?

You can do SEO in-house but it is very labor-intensive and time-consuming, taking staff away from other revenue-generating projects or day-to-day areas of work. An experienced professional will deliver results while freeing up your resources.

What is the price for SEO services?

Prices vary depending on which service solution you go with. Each package is tailored around client needs and goals so pricing does change between different campaigns. Our fees at Buzz Panda Digital remain extremely competitive within this industry and we are completely transparent with what our clients pay in Knutsford.

If you would like more information on any of our products then please get in touch!

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

"Buzz Panda built us a professional website. Cathy was there for us every step of the way. Nothing was too much trouble for her. We are very pleased with the end product. Would highly recommend!"

Stacey Goodall, Full Sparkle

"I chose Buzz Panda to work with on a new website because of their knowledge and commitment to building in SEO optimisation into their packages as a standard feature. Cathy is brilliant to work with, she guided us through every step of the process when building the website. Buzz Panda’s packages are comprehensive and good value for money with the option to have a copywriter as well. We utilised the copywriter for the web pages and it took a lot of the pressure off, the quality of the writing is excellent and a very efficient service. I am really pleased with the final website, it looks modern, fresh and professional. The after care that Cathy provides in setting up google analytics and being available to answer any teething problems is brilliant, she really cares about making sure her customers are happy and understand how to manage their website to try and ensure they optimise their website as much as possible so they get value for money and the website works for them like it should to promote the business."

Heidi James, Manchester Hand Surgeon

Buzz Panda Digital has completely transformed our enquiries with an SEO Campaign and a complete re-design of our website. This has led to a dramatic increase in traffic and when asked ‘Where did they hear about us?’, the answer is nearly always google and then onto our website.

I cannot recommend them enough if you are looking for a Digital Marketing company you can rely on to boost your business.

Lizzie A, Commercial Cleaning Company

“The results have been truly outstanding and new clients seem to get in touch with us on a daily basis.”

Gavin, Specialist Sealing Products

Recommend Cathy and Buzz Panda

Just a quick note to say thanks for all your hard work on our new website, you have been a star for us and our business.

Theresa, Removals and Storage Company

"Buzz Panda built us a professional website. Cathy was there for us every step of the way. Nothing was too much trouble for her. We are very pleased with the end product. Would highly recommend!"

Stacey Goodall, Full Sparkle

“The results have been truly outstanding and new clients seem to get in touch with us on a daily basis.”

Gavin, Specialist Sealing Products

Recommend Cathy and Buzz Panda

Just a quick note to say thanks for all your hard work on our new website, you have been a star for us and our business.

Theresa, Removals and Storage Company

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