Raising the profile of women in business

Jun 12, 2020

Fact:  Female entrepreneurs and businesswomen are founding more businesses than ever before, and they’re doing it at twice the rate as men! 

This information comes from research carried out by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, which also suggests that there will be over 200 million women globally who will have started their own company by 2022. 

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The numbers are astounding

They’re also facts and figures that Buzz Panda not only gets behind but also wants to raise greater awareness about. 

Raise further awareness because women still aren’t recognised in mainstream media for their contribution to the economy and society. 

In fact, research has shown that media representation of women generally has not grown or indeed improved in ten years! 

The reason?

Many put it down to a lack of funding for female-led businesses; however, we can attribute the main culprit to limiting the entrepreneurial potential to lack of coverage and hence limited visibility. 

Women are building successful, profitable, and growing businesses all over the world. 

Is it not time that we recognise this further?  Shifting the balance, increasing the current statistic that only 24% of women are featured in traditional media, and raising the economic profile of successful businesses generally? 

What can we do?

We can use what we have and increase exposure creatively. 

Using social application and peer to peer recommendations are two of the best methods to achieve this. 


Because digital and online is growing and continuing to grow at an exponential rate, people are engaged with content, businesses, and people online like never before – but don’t just take our word for it. 

  • Facebook sees over 30 billion pieces of content shared every single month 
  • Tweets can exceed 500 million in just one day 
  • There are over 450 million people on the professional business network LinkedIn, and 
  • 90% of people now trust and believe earned social media recommendations over traditional advertising! 

So, of course, recommendations peer to peer and social application is the most effective way to drive an increase in awareness, as well as an increase in sales and revenue as visibility is heightened. 

Some see it as a follow the people approach and using the power of the crowd, tailoring platforms to help support profile-raising, access to networks, supporters, finances, funding skills, and more. 

At Buzz Panda, we see it as being cleverly creative within the digital landscape. 

That’s why we’re dedicated to supporting our clients through their social networks, helping them in their search for better and increased visibility across all social platforms. 

We want to play our part and strengthen our role in recognising the vital role and contribution over 200 million women-led or women-owned businesses make to our economy, our families, our communities, and more. 

How we can do more 

We can all start boosting women-led businesses today with a like, a tweet, a share, or even a comment across social media. 

We can also help raise visibility through online searchesby adding the “women-led” icon onto your Google Maps and Local Search Listings. 

You can add this through your Google My Business profiling under their information section.  Simply scroll to the “Add Attributes” and choose “women-led” icon. 

Once added, the icon will then appear within your business’s attributes section of your business listing for all to see. 

Let’s harness everything social media can offer, as it’s not just about raising the bar but also about increasing visibility for all

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