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Per pay click marketing helps you to be seen in the right places by your ideal target audience.

These cost-effective advertising options are available for all businesses and include Google ads, LinkedIn advertising, Instagram and YouTube ads, Facebook ads, PPC audits, and retargeting campaigns.

Using our years of experience managing PPC campaigns, we bring creativity and a dash of charisma to make your business and marketing stand out amongst all the noise.

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Paid Search Advertising

Are you looking for more leads? An increase in online sales? A boost in web traffic? Higher conversions?

Paid advertising is an incredibly effective and targeted way to achieve positive results as we get you to the top of those all-important search results pages.

A versatile form of marketing, paid search advertising delivers great results.

However, this form of digital marketing must be driven by in-depth research to maximise your chance of success, it requires experienced copywriters to create engaging, eye-catching ads, and creative designers who know exactly what will work for your brand and the advertising platform.

How well do you know your target audience?

Taking a stab in the dark about where your target audience hangs out is not the most cost-effective marketing solution for your business.

You need to know exactly.

What channels are they interacting with? What language and terms are they using? How long are they spending on each platform?

Only when you know all this information and more can you confidently occupy the same space with key marketing messages that resonate with them.

And we get it.

All of this can be overwhelming to deal with, and you may not have the time or resources to get started and keep on top.

Let us help.

We can guide you through the PPC process, ensuring that you get the best ROI as we help you with:

  • Keyword research
  • Creation of vital landing pages
  • Planning campaign structures
  • Copywriting
  • Building the ad account
  • Testing, tweaking, providing ongoing optimisation
  • Reporting
  • And so much more.

Talk to us today about Google ads, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, PPC audits, retargeting campaigns, and more.

Visual Display Campaigns

This form of marketing helps to boost recognition and brand awareness using paid display advertising to increase your reach and draw in more customers.

For example, using the Google Display Network, you can easily display a series of banner adverts and add visual advertising to social media sites, showing consistency in messaging and visual displays, building recognition, and increasing customer touch points.

We target your advertising based on your target audience’s interests, which means we do the research for you. This allows you to target your adverts based on people’s recent browsing history, demographics, etc.

From here, we will design, set up, target, and optimise your advertising campaign, reporting all results and reviewing how the campaign is running, as well as providing next steps.

Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing is an eye-catching way of enticing customers to resume their purchase or journey with you by showing users products they have previously viewed in banner ads, offering potential customers a quick and easy way to pick up on their shopping where they left off.

Whether you opt for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube advertising, all ads are displayed in prominent positions to help improve your brand visibility.

With focused remarketing and creative display advertising, you can increase your coverage and boost your conversion rate and sales instantly.

Optimised Landing Pages

Optimised and targeted landing pages are pages designed around your PPC campaign messaging, helping to ensure a reduction in bounce rates, improve overall conversions, and provide the level of consistency we know customers love.

We design and optimise landing pages with clear calls to action and relevant content in order to support your key marketing messages and campaigns.

The focus of a landing page is to bring in leads and show a positive return on your advertising investment.

PPC for e-commerce

If you want to boost online sales and increase your business’s visibility, PPC is a quick and effective way to achieve both.

Facebook ads—With Facebook advertising, you can boost individual posts or sponsor your pages to boost the number of likes, follows, and shares. Facebook advertising focuses on engaging and evoking a reaction, i.e., a like or a follow, all of which help with long-term visibility. Types of Facebook advertising include photos, stories, carousels, and slideshows, all offering instant experiences to those using the platform.

LinkedIn ads are an excellent platform for B2B marketing. LinkedIn advertising allows you to target people based on their industry, job skills, interests, and job titles. Types of LinkedIn ads include text, dynamic, image, video, event, lead generation, follower, and more.

Instagram ads—mainly suited to a B2C client base, using remarketing information can be great on Instagram as you target customers based on their interests. You can also reach a large audience instantly, you have the availability of multiple ad formats, and it provides businesses with good tracking and reporting information.

Google ads – helping you to choose the right platforms to get your business in front of the right target audience Google ads is a great way to boost visibility and search ranking all in one go. It is incredibly cost-effective (you can control your spend), provides robust reporting and analytics, and uses various outlets for you to push key messages.

With everyone now online and using some social platform in one way or another, can you afford not to invest?

Working with Buzz Panda for your PPC

We’re open, honest, and fully transparent in our communications and reporting. Tracking the progress of campaigns, we focus on finding the platforms where your target audience is hanging out and using paid search and advertising we attract, entice, and build your brand visibility.

We know that you need to be confident that you’re spending your marketing budget in the right places and on the right advertising, and we understand how much strain marketing budgets come under and how stretched they can be.

This is where we come in.

We use our experience with PPC and our expertise in search engines and paid media to devise the right and most appropriate strategy for you.

Working to your budget requirements, we’re confident that, based on set measurements, we can provide a positive return on your investment.

If you have a campaign coming up and would like support with your paid media, get in touch with our team today.

Benefits of paid social advertising

  • All platforms offer extensive and detailed analytics that can be used to feed into other areas of your marketing.
  • Builds brand awareness quickly and effectively.
  • You can kick start the user journey and build new customer bases with paid social.
  • You can create dynamic ads that engage users and interact with your target audience.
  • With the right advertising campaign, website traffic will increase.
  • Supports an increase in leads, conversions, and sales.
  • You can create targeted and flexible campaigns that get you the results you want.
  • Paid media helps you to cut through the noise and places you directly in front of your target audience.

However, remember

Paid media is more successful when it works hand in hand with your current online content that is up-to-date and relevant.

Your website must also be up to date, with landing pages created to support the advertising campaign.

Carry out split testing to review your ad’s creativity, copy, targeting, call to action, etc., and see which areas are gaining the most traction. Testing allows you to achieve better results and provides you with accurate data that you can use in other areas of your marketing.

We know the importance of paid advertising in brand building. That’s why we work closely with you to create eye-catching content that supports your brand and drives sales.

Running a PPC campaign?

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Find the answers to some of the most asked questions here.   

We can answer any other questions you have by email ( or ask us a question in the pop up box at the bottom right of the website.

Do I have to write the content?

We are very flexible. We will guide you in the amount of content needed, what keywords to include and where it will be used. To optimise the website for the search engines and user experience we may change the content slightly after discussing it with you and getting your approval.  Another option is to use our content writing service, we take time to understand you, your business and what you want to say then produce fully optimised content at an extra cost. 

Will there be extra monthly costs?

Some website redesigns and builds have an ongoing monthly fee to cover hosting, domain name renewal and maintenance.  We do not charge monthly fees after your website is complete.  Many services are included for the first 12 months after build then we offer flexible maintenance and management packages only charging you for what you need. Your website belongs to you; we are here to help with it as little or as much as you require.

Can I make changes to the website myself?

All website packages include up to 2 hours walk through where we show you the website and how to make basic changes.  We do not recommend you do any major edits unless you are experienced.  We offer hourly web development packages for any changes you cannot do yourself and include varying amounts of web development time within the maintenance and support packages we offer. 

How long do the builds take?

We have a fast turn around once we have all the content for your website redesign or new build.  Most website builds, after the content is provided and signed off, take around 3 weeks.  This does depend on the size and complexity of individual sites, some can be completed faster, others take much longer.  The important part is to get it right and make sure the website both looks amazing and functions perfectly for your users and the search engines. 

What is included?

All website redesign and new build packages include many features.  These are all listed above.  We provide everything you need for your website in one package, you do not need to pay extra for the things that make a website work.

What images do I need?

We include a number of stock images and videos in each package but recommend that you have your own images and video.  Your business is unique and your website is the window into your business which helps potential customers decide whether they want to purchase from you or not.  Individual images showing your premises, your team, the work or products you provide and your ethos as a company are the best ones to use.  If you do not have your own images we can support you in deciding what images you need and how to get them. Including video in your website is an amazing way to connect with your customers and answer any questions they may have, increasing conversion (closing the sales). We can produce a range of videos for you at an extra cost or support you in planning your own. 

What happens to my email?

We include one professional email with each package. This is something like  If you already have emails using your domain name we will help you back them up and change them over to our servers with the website. 

Do I have to use your server?

We provide 12 months hosting on our premium, fast UK servers as part of every website package but if you have your own host you want to use we are happy to migrate your completed website.  The maintenance packages cannot be offered on other servers though so make sure they offer this for you. 

How much does it cost?

Every project requires different tweaks and fixes to get things running as smoothly as possible. Because of this... there is no one size fits all. You can expect website redesign packages to be between £1795 and £9995 though. Which considering how much more organic traffic you'll be bringing in... this should be covered fairly quickly. Schedule a call and we can give you a more accurate quote.

How do I get started?

All projects are unique, if you are interested in getting a website design with us get in touch and we will schedule a call to discuss your project in detail and get a free audit.  We will lay out the actions needed and provide you with an individual quote after we have found out more about your business, your website and your needs.  If you don't work with us after that you will still have a plan of action to take with you to help you decide what to do next.

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

"Buzz Panda built us a professional website. Cathy was there for us every step of the way. Nothing was too much trouble for her. We are very pleased with the end product. Would highly recommend!"

Stacey Goodall, Full Sparkle

"I chose Buzz Panda to work with on a new website because of their knowledge and commitment to building in SEO optimisation into their packages as a standard feature. Cathy is brilliant to work with, she guided us through every step of the process when building the website. Buzz Panda’s packages are comprehensive and good value for money with the option to have a copywriter as well. We utilised the copywriter for the web pages and it took a lot of the pressure off, the quality of the writing is excellent and a very efficient service. I am really pleased with the final website, it looks modern, fresh and professional. The after care that Cathy provides in setting up google analytics and being available to answer any teething problems is brilliant, she really cares about making sure her customers are happy and understand how to manage their website to try and ensure they optimise their website as much as possible so they get value for money and the website works for them like it should to promote the business."

Heidi James, Manchester Hand Surgeon

Buzz Panda Digital has completely transformed our enquiries with an SEO Campaign and a complete re-design of our website. This has led to a dramatic increase in traffic and when asked ‘Where did they hear about us?’, the answer is nearly always google and then onto our website.

I cannot recommend them enough if you are looking for a Digital Marketing company you can rely on to boost your business.

Lizzie A, Commercial Cleaning Company

“The results have been truly outstanding and new clients seem to get in touch with us on a daily basis.”

Gavin, Specialist Sealing Products

Recommend Cathy and Buzz Panda

Just a quick note to say thanks for all your hard work on our new website, you have been a star for us and our business.

Theresa, Removals and Storage Company

"Buzz Panda built us a professional website. Cathy was there for us every step of the way. Nothing was too much trouble for her. We are very pleased with the end product. Would highly recommend!"

Stacey Goodall, Full Sparkle

“The results have been truly outstanding and new clients seem to get in touch with us on a daily basis.”

Gavin, Specialist Sealing Products

Recommend Cathy and Buzz Panda

Just a quick note to say thanks for all your hard work on our new website, you have been a star for us and our business.

Theresa, Removals and Storage Company

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