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Our Client

Manchester Hand Surgeons specialise in private hand and wrist surgery.  They have a team of experts who offer treatment for all hand and wrist conditions for patients in Manchester and the North West. 

They came to Buzz Panda Digital in need of a new logo, branding and a full website redesign.  Their previous website was very out of date and wasn’t using the company name they wanted to move forward with.  We worked on creating a new colour scheme, applying this to their branding and new logo.  All this was then translated into a brand new, great looking, informative and easy to navigate website which gives their patients all the information they need to book in a treatment with them. 

The project steps

“Clean and fresh” were keywords in the new design specification for Manchester Hand Surgeons. They wanted a modern and functional website which was easily recognised as medical and professional.  The colour scheme had to incorporate blues for medical reference but they wanted a colour scheme which created their own personal brand.  We put together the simple but cohesive colour scheme they now use. 

The logo specification was to include the company name and have an image which clearly shows their specialism.  After creating several mock design they decided on the blue hand image with the workings of the hand showing on two fingers. 

Now the colour scheme and logo were complete the website needed to develop around these but with the added extras that Buzz Panda specialise in.  The previous website, although having an established domain name and related content, was not ranking for many key terms to drive the right people to the website.  We did extensive competitor and keyword research to ensure the new website was given the best possible chance of ranking upon launch. 

User journey and new graphics

The old website was also difficult to navigate having many broken internal links and it did not give much information to encourage visitors to contact the client.  We carefully planned out the user journey from a patients perspective and encouraged Manchester Hand Surgeons to include many frequently asked questions and as much information as possible.  This enabled website visitors to fully understand what the different conditions are, what the treatments were, how to book in, recovery time and any other information they might need.

The previous website used dated images for each condition and these needed a refresh for the new website as well as providing an image to associate with each condition/treatment.  Buzz Panda created bespoke graphics for each of the hand and wrist conditions and these images can be seen on the conditions pages. This was not an easy task with all of these images being a variation of a hand but the client was very happy with the new images for each condition.


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