How to Win in the Era of Infinite Content

Mar 23, 2022

The amount of content that’s uploaded online each day is just staggering. For businesses around the world, one of the biggest challenges is finding a content marketing strategy that helps to stay ahead of this infinite content loop. Check our page here for more inspiration, and keep reading to discover our top content marketing tips for businesses.

AI Writing

AI writing is something that divides businesses and writers online. However, as time has progressed, options such as OpenAI’s GPT-3 offer AI products that are truly focused on creating readable and human-like writing. While they certainly don’t offer a complete replacement for skilled writers, they are one way to help overcome the issue of constantly needing to upload content. Even if you used this as a template, you could then improve the content to fit your brand voice. Some tools help to structure content and keep an SEO content strategy in mind. They can save hours of work in front of a computer, speeding up content marketing activities.

Offer a Unique Experience

One of the biggest challenges for companies is finding the time in their team’s schedule to create valuable content. Especially if you are just working on an SEO content strategy, you might not be so concerned about what you are saying or offering new and innovative thoughts. Try to offer your audience a new experience by focusing on different themes and adding real-world examples. Your brand and personality need to shine through in everything that you do right, so even when you are working in a competitive marketplace, you can still offer a unique experience tailored to your target market’s needs.

Invest in Thought Leadership

Your content should go far beyond just the search results, and instead, you need to invest in thought leadership. It’s easy for AI to create tactical content, but leadership content is a whole different ball game. Offer an opinion piece or share your own life experiences. Your audience will also appreciate you sharing network connections and data storytelling, as well as industry analysis to add your ideas about industry events. It’s well worth putting your time and resources into this area to stay ahead in this age of infinite content.

Future-proofing Your Content

A common question we receive is whether AI writing can truly replace humans in your business. In general, they are a good starting point, but usually, the work requires some refinement from an experienced writer. A tool such as Writer can help to improve your tone of voice, while others will assist with language and grammar. is a great example of a tool to give you new ideas, which is often one of the biggest challenges for content creators.

The biggest issue with AI writing tools is when your business starts to completely rely on them for all of your content needs. When no care or effort is taken to maintain the quality of the writing on your site, you’ll find that they sound robotic. They can also negatively impact your search results when you don’t check the work for plagiarism. To stand out online, one of our top content marketing tips is to find your own voice. This will help you to rise above mediocrity online and win in the era of infinite content.

Quality First for SEO Rankings

When it comes to standing out online for SEO, it’s all about focusing on the quality of your writing and content. Too many sites are simply churning out endless articles and blogs, only to find they aren’t getting the results they expected online. The progress rate of AI writing is quite staggering, and this is leading to higher-ranking articles. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the quality matches that of human writing. It still needs a good amount of input from your team, or you could outsource this work to our professionals. While you might get short-term results from AI writing, it’s all about adding content to your site that will help you to get the rankings you require and stay there for a while to come.

Focus on Information Gain Within Each Article

A common misconception about AI writing is that it is simply spun articles from other sources. The newer AI tools don’t use this technique at all, but it’s still something to be aware of. GPT-3 doesn’t spin or plagiarise work, with most of the content being truly original for the users. However, you still require a strategy in place in order to thrive online. Keyword research is the best place to start so that you can create blog posts that will truly fulfil their purpose online. These AI writing tools can’t research the topic, so you need to make sure you encourage it to head in the right direction. This will be much more likely to influence your search rankings, which you can also do by adding quotes, and data and adding further information where you see gaps in the work.

By focusing on information gain and putting yourself in your reader’s shoes, you can work to overcome the current issues with the endless onslaught of content from AI tools. While these tools can be a helpful starting point for your company, always inject your personality and viewpoint into your work to offer value to your audience.