How to handle the Google Core Update

Jan 31, 2022

Google did it again, and Buzz Panda Digital is here to help explain what happened, how it will affect your marketing strategy and what to do next. This is common with Google, where they end up shifting how their system checks the content and processes it.

It’s not a time to panic or think that your marketing strategy isn’t working. It’s time to simply take a step back and see what needs to be done next to be able to continue handling your SEO marketing.

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What happened?

There was a Google algorithm update in 2021. What this means is there’s a chance that some content or pages are not ranking as well as they used to when someone does searches on Google. This is known as a Google core update and can happen randomly.

Google does this as it refines how its internal mechanisms work and this recent one is all about trust, authenticity and relevance.

It’s all about how the content that is on sites is perceived and their expertise, authority and trust. Google themselves have been stating that even if a page rank has dropped, there’s nothing wrong with the page, as the Google algorithm update is working properly.

This may seem strange to many site owners who have spent extensive resources on maximising their SEO strategies throughout the years. All those years of content creation, the internal linking strategy, and meta-tagging the site, seem to have gone out the window.

This is because there’s been a major reset in some cases when it comes to this new update from Google in November 2021.

How will it affect my marketing strategy?

All this means is that a shift in the type of content that needs to be on your site needs to happen. You need to take the time to rebuild it, and you want to work with your SEO marketing agency, which is fully aware of what the next steps are. Google isn’t doing anything to go in a different direction which means all the Google updates 2021 showed us are here to stay.

This Google algorithm update caught many sites unaware, so you are not alone. This means that everyone is trying to get their marketing up and running, and it’s simply about being aware and prepared to handle moving forward.

It may put a pause on your existing marketing strategy as you end up moving to a marketing strategy that is more relevant to the Google updates that have occurred in 2021. Working with seasoned SEO marketing companies, you’ll notice that they are no longer phased by this.

This is because, in the end, it is not the first, nor the last time that there will be these types of updates from Google. It may have thrown a wrench in your well-oiled marketing strategy, but it’s only temporary. To succeed here is to simply continue pressing forward.

What to do next?

If you’re in the UK, you should get a UK based SEO marketing agency. This will allow you to work with experts in the field that are aware of what Google is looking for.

First, Google is looking for an authoritative voice. This is not only limited to the content on the site itself or the internal linking strategy. It’s also based on what others think about your authority and how the rest of the web (in your relevant industry) perceive it.

On-page authority is still critical, and it’s about making your site as legitimate as possible. From ensuring you have SSL encryption, to having contact information and an about us page on your site, listing all the relevant information.

It also requires you to have content that is factual and possibly comes from established writers and journalists that will help bring that authority back to your site. You also want to consider a content audit as part of your refined strategy.

You also want to make sure that you’re answering Google’s questions about all your content. This is a detailed list referring to your content. It covers how your content is derived, the expertise of the content itself, the presentation (look and feel) of the content and if the content is relevant comparatively to similar content made out there.

This is a high-level overview of what this update is all about and working with the UK – located SEO marketing agency will go a long way to get your SEO up and running. The sooner you work with the experts, the sooner these Google updates 2021 thrown your way will be a distant memory. It will also help to prepare you for any future Google algorithm update, and not have to have such a massive panic or fear.

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