Home improvement businesses are busier than ever

Sep 10, 2020

But are you getting a fair share of the jobs? 

Trades professionals have seen a constant stream of work since COVID19 saw the nation cooped up inside their homes for a considerable period of time. 

A length of time that provided people with options. 

The option to fix those botched DIY home renovations, and the chance to look around their homes and plan what they want to improve how they have the time to organise such works! 

Suddenly people have had the time and the opportunity to really see what they want to do in their homes. 

To imagine their ideal kitchen, bathroom, renovated garden, etc., and to speak to a professional in the trade who could help them achieve this.

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An unexpected year for everyone 

No one could have predicted just what 2020 had in store.   

The impact of numerous holidays cancelled and people receiving their money back, as well as people spending more and more time at home, have all equalled the same thing. 

We want to change our homes. 

Whether to spruce up a room to feel fresher and make us feel better about working from home, to make our garden an oasis to escape to, or embark on a full-scale building project to eventually extend the kitchen, a dream that has always been spoken about – 2020 is now the year it seems to make this all happen. 

For trades professionals, 2020 has so far been a year of proactiveness when it comes to home renovations and building works. 

With builders, carpenters, electricians, and more overwhelmed with the increase in the volume of work – if there were more days in the week at the moment, then trade professionals would work them! 

All for one, but not always one for all 

Due to the volume of work now available, more and more tradespeople are coming out in force, some trusted, reliable, and with great established reputations. Others, who are just starting up and building a quick reputation and often not a good one, but instead cashing in on a currently lucrative market. 

To make sure you get your part of the lion’s share, is now the time to grow your digital marketing? 

Pushing your business further to ensure you get your fair share of the jobs and work available? 

Digital marketing 

Are you using the right online communication channels to talk to and reach your customers? 

Do you have an online presence that resonates with your target audience? 

Do your customers or prospective customers know the services you provide and how experienced you are at providing them? 

This is where digital marketing comes in. 

A great sales tool that is also required to help build brands, develop reputations, and ultimately place you in front of the right people at the right time through cleverly constructed marketing campaigns. 

Benefits of digital marketing for your business 

The most substantial benefit of digital marketing is that it establishes your presence. It places you where you need to be in an instant.  

At the right time, in front of your customers, offering the right services suited to their search criteria. 

You’ll also find digital marketing much more cost-effective today than traditional marketing. People no longer want or look at leaflet drops through their letterboxes. Adverts in local papers are a thing of the past, and with fewer people going out, posters and leaflets in supermarkets are no longer a compelling point of sale marketing method. 

A shift in perspectives. 

Whether we live in a digital era or not, COVID19 has meant more people are online, searching, buying, talking, and communicating than ever before. 

Businesses must now use this opportunity to capitalise on this, using digital marketing as a strength, a secret weapon almost. 

This, of course, is another benefit of digital marketing – higher lead generation.  Creating a bigger reach and tailoring this reach to be very specific to your trade and location.   

For example, suppose you’re a home renovation company that solely focuses on garden fences and decking areas. In this case, you can target your digital marketing strategies to only focus on generating leads suitable to this market. 

This, in turn, makes your leads much more valuable and leads to higher revenues once this quality leads to convert. 

This makes digital marketing extremely measurable, which for businesses in these current times when proving where budgets are being spent and if they’re being spent wisely is the most vital part of the balance sheet! 


For digital marketing to work 

Digital marketing does take time, but with a team, like Buzz Panda on hand, there are some great quick wins that you can achieve. 

However, let us be clear, digital marketing needs to be appropriately planned, haphazard just won’t do. 

This careful planning and execution will lead you to be in front of your target audience at the perfect time and in the most appropriate place. 

Just like you’re a pro when it comes to fitting new kitchens or bathroom suites, or you’re a dab hand at erecting a new garden fence, building a new conservatory, or converting an unused room into something marvellous, the team at Buzz Panda are pros at digital marketing—building your presence and reputation online so that you continue to stay busy throughout 2020 and beyond. 

Now trades are busier than ever with home renovations and DIY jobs.  But for it to stay this way, make time now to invest in your digital marketing strategies.  Let us implement some quick wins for your business and prepare for a continued successful future.

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