Google Confirms It has modified the way It generates Titles for Search Result Listings

Jun 6, 2022


When it comes to SEO for your website, a huge part of this is keeping on top of the changes to the algorithm that Google makes from time to time. Recently, Google confirmed that it changed how it creates titles for its search result listings. Today we’re going to discover more about how your search title will impact your Google ranking, which can make a huge change to your results when working to improve your SEO. As an SEO marketing agency in the UK, we’ll be here to support you as you improve your website, with the aim of increasing the number of visitors to your site month after month. 

Google Search Title Changes 

Last year, Google finally confirmed that it had made changes to the way in which it creates titles for its search listing results. It has stopped using the query to generate the titles but will still use HTML titles for approximately 80% of the results on its page. This new system was introduced in 2021, and it made for a huge change within the industry and SEO work in general. In the past, Google would use the query that you entered into the search box in order to create a title for the snippets on the search results page. For the most part, it’s now moving away from this technique, and instead, it’s opting to make titles that describe what the content is about instead of focusing on the query. 

The reason for this change is that it will use text that you’ll then see when you land on a web page, such as the main visual title or headline that’s on the page that’s showing in the results. The content that you add to your site in the form of tags or header tags will be a huge part of the results moving forward, and it’s something we recommend that anyone focuses on when updating their website content. You need to ensure that you keep up to date with any of these changes, such as the Google link spam update if you want to stay ahead of your competition. We all know how tough it is to rank highly online today, and our team will be here to support you through the changes Google has been making in recent months. 

Google Will Still Use HTML Title Tags 

While there have been quite a few changes to the keyword title and SEO page title tactics that Google is using, our SEO agency in the UK can help you make the needed changes to your site to avoid issues further down the line. About 80% of the site’s results will still rely on the HTML title tag to produce the title. It’s still the most popular way to produce the site title, which is why you should take as much care with this as you do with your meta title and other elements of your web pages. 

Why Is Google Making These Changes? 

Many of us often wonder why Google is making so many changes, but generally, it’s to improve the user experience in this demanding space. Google has made these updates to produce more reachable and accessible pages for its users. They still add a site name where it could be useful, but generally, they focus on picking the most relevant part of the title. While long titles may seem like they are more informative for your audience, keep in mind that they can often make it difficult for Google to cut down and choose the best parts of the title for their search results. 

Google is a forward-thinking company that strives to keep ahead of the competition online. They have taken some feedback on this new system and are already making changes based on user feedback. As with anything they put out into the world, they hope to keep improving things year after year by collecting examples of titles that don’t make any sense to the users and search terms that were being used. 

Many website owners have noticed changes to their click-through rates following this update, which can be a huge concern as a business owner. Compared to the old system that was in place, it can be very frustrating to have to deal with redoing your site just to keep up to date with the current changes in the algorithm. A team of SEO experts such as ours can review your site and make suggestions for where you can make changes to your website pages to help stay ahead in any industry. 

Contact us today for more information about improving your website and SEO this year. Our team will be happy to assist with this task to help you keep ahead of the Google changes and remain competitive in any space.