Contact Us Page Design Best Practices 

Jun 8, 2023

Putting together a website requires you to gather all the most critical information about your business in one place. Your contact us page is without a doubt the number one page to focus on when building a website. A website without your contact information is just worthless, as no one will know how to get in touch with your company in the future. A professional website design company in Altrincham will know exactly what information to include on your contact us page and what isn’t worth adding to this page. Keep reading as we share our top tips and best practices for this page, so you can offer your potential customers all the information they need to start working with your business. 

Less is More on Your Contact Us Page

When it comes to the information you need to add to your contact us page, we always recommend that you take the less is more approach. While you might think you should add every possible way someone could contact you, contact us page best practices suggest limiting this information to just what you really need. Most companies typically add an address, email address, and phone number. You could also think about social media accounts and other relevant links, but make sure the page doesn’t get too cluttered. Overall, you just want your customers to find the basic information that they need and be able to quickly access it to get in touch with you and book your services. 

Social Media Links

Modern websites are now adding different pieces of information to the contact us page than they did in the past. Contact us page best practice suggestions include adding links to a few of your most prominent social media accounts. Most companies will opt to add Facebook and Instagram, but depending on the services or products you offer, TikTok or LinkedIn may be more suitable. Only you know where you get the most interaction with your clients, but our web designing services around Altrincham will be able to integrate these links into your contact page with no issues. A lot of companies prioritise this type of interaction with their customers today, and if it’s the way you find it to be quickest and easiest to get in touch with your customers, make sure it’s an option on your contact us page. 

An Interactive Map

For businesses which rely on customers visiting a physical store or building, the best practice contact us page options include adding an interactive map. You can add Google Maps or another popular map site image into your page, which will allow customers to interact with the map and find out exactly where your business is based. If you aren’t sure how to add this, our professional website design company in Altrincham will be able to assist you with this task. Many people enjoy having this visual option as well as a written street address, as it helps them to visualise where your business is based. They can take a screenshot or save the image of your address, so that they can pass by when they are next out and about. 

A Simple Contact Us Page Design

Your contact us page should be aligned with the rest of your website. Make sure it includes your company logo and branding and has a simple colour scheme that doesn’t distract from the information you are sharing. We typically don’t recommend adding extra images and videos to this page, as it just clutters up the website page and might distract from someone getting in touch with you. 

Link to Your Contact Us Page Throughout the Site

One of the reasons that you need to put so much effort into this page is that it is the one page you’ll want to link to throughout your site. At the bottom of any blog or article you share, you can ask your readers to get in touch with you, linking to this page. At the top or bottom of every web page, add a link to the contact us page. This should be one of the most prominent pieces of information on every page of your website, as it’s the whole reason you even have a website to begin with. Some companies opt to add an abbreviated set of contact information at the bottom of each web page, with links to social media sites or a phone number. This can offer your customers instant access to your information if they land on your site in a rush. 

Keep Your Contact Us Page Up to Date

The number one best practice we share for anyone creating a new contact us page is to review it on a regular basis. Once your site is up for the public to find, you need to ensure all the information and links on this page stay up to date. If you change your phone number, immediately update your contact us page, or you could lose thousands of pounds in business in just a short time. Also, test your links regularly to your social media accounts and email address, so that you know everything is functioning properly. Our team will be here at any time to fix any bugs you are experiencing or to perform full website testing to offer your visitors the best user experience possible. 

Are you looking to improve your website or add a new contact us page in the near future? If so, make sure you always follow the best practices we’ve shared above to ensure your customers can get in touch with you. Don’t rush putting together in the information on this page, as you’ll find that it’s the one thing anyone is looking for when they are thinking of investing in a service or product. You don’t want to lose out on business just because you have outdated information, so make sure you work with our team to create a fully functioning contact us page that will take your business to new levels this year. 

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