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Project Overview

The client, a recruitment agency specialising in fire and security recruitment, approached us in need of a modern and professional website to launch their new business. They wanted the website to have separate sections for recruiters and job seekers, each with their own testimonials from different perspectives. They also requested a clear user journey with a focus on conversion within the website design.

To meet these requirements, we designed a website with a contemporary, polished design. We included separate pages for recruiters and job seekers, each with its own set of testimonials to provide users with relevant information and insights from their perspective. We also incorporated relevant icons and used striking colors from the client’s logo throughout the website design to reflect the client’s branding.

Project Details

One of the main features of the website was the inclusion of 3D testimonials, which the client requested in order to stand out from other websites. We produced these testimonials using 3D animation techniques, creating a unique and visually appealing way to showcase user experiences and feedback.

In addition to the 3D testimonials, the client also requested movement within the website to keep it from feeling static. We responded by integrating animations into the design as users scrolled through the pages, adding an extra layer of visual interest and engagement.

Website Design and SEO

This project was the start of an SEO campaign for the client, a recruitment agency specializing in fire and security recruitment. As such, SEO was integrated throughout the entire website build, with detailed keyword research informing the use of target keywords in all on-page elements such as meta descriptions, page titles, and alt tags.

To further enhance the website’s search engine visibility, we included a blog feature and committed to producing frequent, high-quality, informative blogs for the client. These blogs were designed to showcase the client’s expertise, provide useful advice, answer niche-related questions, and target additional keywords for the search engines.

In addition to the on-page optimization and blog content, we also implemented other technical SEO best practices to ensure that the website was easily discoverable and understandable by search engines. This included optimizing the website’s structure and navigation, ensuring that all pages were mobile-friendly, and properly formatting and tagging website elements.

The integration of SEO throughout the website build and the implementation of a targeted SEO campaign helped to improve the client’s search engine visibility and drive potential clients to the website. The high-quality, informative blogs in particular helped to establish the client’s expertise and credibility, setting them apart from other recruitment agencies in the industry.


The website build and accompanying SEO campaign were highly successful in driving new enquiries and business to the client. Through careful keyword research and the integration of target keywords throughout the website, as well as the production of high-quality, informative blog content and the building of a high quality backlink profile, we were able to improve the client’s search engine visibility and rank for many national high monthly search volume relevant keywords.

This increased visibility on search engines led to a significant increase in enquiries for the client’s services, as more potential clients were able to find and learn about the client through onlie searches. The website build and SEO campaign allowed the client to effectively compete with other recruitment agencies on a national level, and contributed to the success of their new business.

Overall, the website design was a success, resulting in a modern, professional website that accurately reflects the client’s branding and effectively serves the needs of both recruiters and job seekers. The inclusion of 3D testimonials and animations helped to set the website apart from others in the industry and contributed to a successful launch for the client’s new business. The combination of a well-designed website and a targeted SEO campaign was crucial in driving new enquiries and business to the client, and helped to establish their expertise and credibility in the industry.

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