Project Overview

Calathology is a cutting-edge startup that specializes in living wall plant subscriptions for stylish homes and offices in the North West of England. They take pride in being responsible suppliers, using only sustainable products to bring the natural beauty of plants into indoor spaces while minimizing their environmental impact.

To showcase their innovative living walls and other plant services to potential customers, Calathology wanted a visually stunning website that would reflect their design flair and plant-loving aesthetic. They requested the use of high-quality images to highlight the attention to detail that goes into their work and the natural beauty of their plants.

In addition to creating a beautiful website, Calathology wanted to ensure that it was fully optimized for search engines to effectively promote their business from the moment it launched. This included implementing SEO strategies such as keyword research and optimization, user-friendly navigation, and social media integration.

Overall, Calathology sought a world-class website that would effectively communicate their brand identity and services to potential customers while also highlighting their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The project steps

We were thrilled to take on a blank slate project that gave us the opportunity to build all the essential elements of Calathology’s branding and website from the ground up.

First, we needed to decide on a color scheme, logo concept, and font styles that would set the tone for the brand design. The client wanted a natural color palette, so we drew inspiration from the Calathea plant, which was incorporated into the business name and provided the perfect green and grey tones. We added a contrasting pink for the “standout” parts of the website, such as call to action buttons and link text.

Once the logo and color scheme were complete, we moved on to planning the website structure and SEO. We carefully researched and selected the main pages of the website, ensuring that each page had a related keyword group and purpose. We also built in conversion optimization to ensure that the user experience and journey would smoothly lead website visitors to contact the client or sign up for plant subscriptions.

At this stage, it’s worth noting that while adding SEO after a website is built can be effective to a point, our specialty is incorporating it into the structure of a new website from the start. This is what sets our projects apart from the competition.

Bespoke icons and graphics

For this website, we designed bespoke icons that reflect each of Calathology’s values. These icons use the company’s logo as a base and feature a different symbol that corresponds to a specific value.

In addition to these icons, we also created bespoke graphics for the homepage sliding banner. These cutout images were used to represent each of the company’s services and also served as links to the relevant service pages to help users navigate the website.

Empowering clients with the tools and resources to succeed

To help our client boost their SEO, increase website traffic, and showcase their expertise, we included a blog post function on their website and trained them to add their own blog posts. This allows them to regularly add new content and information to the website, keeping it fresh and engaging for visitors.

We also provided our client with full access to their website build and a comprehensive file that includes all the necessary information about their website. This means that they are able to make updates and changes to their website as needed, without being reliant on a developer unless they choose to be. By providing these tools and resources, we empower our clients to have more control and flexibility over their website.

At Buzz Panda Digital, we believe that a fully functional website should not come with hidden extras or require further investments after launch. That’s why, as with all our website design projects, we included many additional features in this project at no extra cost to the client.

Unlike some design agencies, we do not charge for features that we believe should be standard in a website or have ongoing monthly fees after launch. To learn more about what is included in our website designs, take a look here.

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