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Project Overview

The client, a local dentist, approached us with a need for a more modern and comprehensive website design for their practice. Their existing website was outdated and did not accurately reflect the full range of services and the image that the client wanted to present to potential patients.

In addition to being outdated and not accurately reflecting the client’s services and image, the old website was also not optimized for search engines. This made it difficult for the client to compete with other local dentists in terms of online visibility and attracting potential patients through search engines.

To address these issues, we made sure to prioritise SEO in the website redesign process. This included optimising the website’s content and structure to make it more easily discoverable and understandable by search engines, as well as implementing technical SEO best practices such as properly formatting and tagging website elements and using responsive design to ensure the website is mobile-friendly.

Important Elements

The client has a strong focus on supporting nervous patients and helping them feel comfortable and at ease during their treatment. This expertise is an important part of their practice, and was a key aspect that the client wanted to communicate to potential patients through the website redesign.

To achieve this, we included information on the client’s approach to helping nervous patients throughout the website. This included details on the methods and techniques used to alleviate anxiety and promote relaxation and blog posts discussing top tips. We also included photos and bios of the team, highlighting their friendly and compassionate nature, in order to help patients feel more comfortable and familiar with the practice before coming in for treatment.

Overall, our focus on the client’s expertise in supporting nervous patients helped to effectively communicate the unique value that the client’s practice offers, and set them apart from other dentists in the area. This was an important part of the website redesign, and played a key role in driving potential patients to the practice.

Design Elements

We redesigned the website to showcase all of the services that the client offered, including family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and facial aesthetics.

Another important aspect of the website was the integration of reviews from Working Feedback, as well as providing information on what to do in dental emergencies.

These features helped to further establish the client’s credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of potential patients.


We were careful to preserve any elements of the previous website that were working well and to improve the SEO of the redesigned website to get better results for the client.

As a result of our focus on SEO, the client saw an improvement in their local ranking results after the website launched. This increased visibility on search engines helped the client to compete more effectively with other local dentists, and contributed to a significant increase in enquiries for the client’s services.

Overall, the website redesign was a success in improving the client’s online presence and competitiveness, resulting in a modern, user-friendly website that accurately reflects the client’s services and image, and effectively drives potential patients to the practice.

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