Our Client

Calathology is a living wall and plant subscription startup business providing amazing plants combined with design for home and office spaces. They are based in the North West of England and are responsible suppliers using sustainable products.

They wanted a logo and website which would capture their design flare as well as showcase their living walls and other plant services. They required the use of lots of images carefully coordinated into website design which sums up their natural approach and love of plants.

Alongside the website design they also wanted to ensure the new website would work to promote their new business from launch by being fully search engine optimised.

The project steps

This project was a blank slate which always gives us an exciting opportunity to build all the important elements into the branding and website from the start . First, we needed to decide on a colour scheme, the logo concept and the fonts styles to drive the brand design.

The logo needed to incorporate the Calathea plant which was used in the business name. The client wanted a natural colour palette and the Calathea plant gave the perfect green and grey colour tones combined with a contrasting pink for the ‘stand out’ parts of the website such as call to action buttons, link text etc.

Once the logo and colour scheme was completed the next stage was to plan the website structure and SEO alongside it. The main pages of the website were decided on and in depth research was done so each page had a related keyword group and purpose. Adding the SEO afterwards works to a point but building it into the structure of the new website is our specialty and what makes our projects stand out from the others.

As well as SEO we planned and built in conversion optimisation to ensure the user experience and journey would smoothly lead website visitors to contact the client or sign up for the plant subscriptions.

Bespoke icons and graphics

The website incorporates bespoke icons which we designed to accompany their values.  Each 

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