A question for all Service Providers to the Building & Home Renovation Trades  

Do You Want More Customers? 

The Problems You Face & How We Solve Them

#1 You’re shelling out a lot each month in marketing with hard to quantify results

You’re definitely not alone here. Far too many large digital agencies are happy to take your money and deliver a ‘one size fits all’ marketing strategy for every business they deal with.  

The Buzz PandaSolution

We take the time to get up close and personal with your business and its goals ‘before’ we design a plan of action that’s completely tailored around your ideal customers. You’ll see real results that are fully (and easily) measurable from day one.

#2 You’re unsure where to use your marketing budget

Such a common problem. The danger here is wasting your budget on strategies you think should work – with no real evidence they’re going to. It’s not just the budget that’s blown – the time lost can be even more damaging.

The Buzz PandaSolution

Specialising in your sector gives us the unique ability to ‘know for certain’ which strategies will work – and those that won’t when it comes to engaging your customer. We’ll take the stress of managing marketing budgets off your hands by running the whole show for you

#3 Your competitors are first to land potential customers and sales

There are many reasons this could be happening to you, but none that can’t be overcome. It doesn’t matter how big the competition, or how long they’ve been in the game, getting your online strategy right gives you an edge over them all.

The Buzz PandaSolution

Together, we’ll completely transform and optimise the whole of your online presence to ensure your digital marketing is performing at the highest possible level for your business. We’ll build and implement a strategy that enables customers to find your services quickly and easily in both paid ads and organic search results. And give them a smooth user experience on their full customer journey through your buying process.

#4 Your website isn’t generating enough business

If your web traffic isn’t regularly converting into paying customers, you’re in exactly the same boat as hundreds of clients we’ve helped to overcome this issue in the past. Slow performance – outdated design – poor SEO – broken links – badly structured content – customer questions unanswered – the list is long and crippling for an online service provider.

The Buzz PandaSolution

We solve each and every problem that could be stopping customers buying from you. Our team is handpicked and specialise in every enhancement you need: SEO – Content writing – Design – User experience – Online visibility and more. All of which combine to give you a fully optimised website that converts into paying customers.

#5 You’re so busy working on marketing issues that you have no time to grow the business

There’s nothing more frustrating than this. The solid plans you’ve made for the business are constantly bumped to the back burner because all your time is taken up chasing leads and potential sales.   

The Buzz PandaSolution

With us on your side, your leads become ‘qualified’ – ready to buy – and they beat a path to your door without you lifting a finger. Imagine what you could do with a ton of extra time to devote to your other business plans? Not to mention your personal life.

We’re ready to fully optimise your online presence and bring more customers to your door  

Whether you’re an electrician, kitchen designer or architect. Maybe you supply underfloor heating,  home cinema installation or provide home renovations? Offer stone paving and concrete services, or even garden and landscape supplies? Whatever service you provide for building and home renovation projects, we’d like you to know this … 

We can optimise and accelerate your online presence to: 


Get you found

With paid and organic clicks that generate real business


Get you noticed

 By optimising your local search visibility. Allowing the right potential customers to find you and your services at first glance


Increase your profits

By turning your website, landing pages and traffic sources into high-converting quality leads, resulting in more customers and bigger projects


Keep your online marketing fully focused

By continuously targeting and engaging customers who are ready to buy  

You can bring in more customers and generate more sales  

No fluff to be found here. Just more problems you can solve

Unless your business finds a way to stand out – you’re losing sales  

 Are you showing up in ALL the places your potential customers are searching?   

They’re not always in the same place. So, we follow them and put your business in front of them whenever they need you – Facebook/Insta/Search terms/Google Maps and everywhere else your prospect visits throughout their day. Imagine the sales potential of getting this right. 

Optimising your SEO, Content Marketing, Google Maps, Google Ads, PPC, Email, Social Media Marketing and all other vital parts of your online presence – makes that happen. 

By knowing exactly which customers are ‘actively interested’ in your services – then systematically ‘targeting them’ with ‘the right’ messages – we make sure your business continually appears in front of them at the right time.  

When your customer asks questions – are you seen as the answer? 

Organic search visibility is key to gaining more customers. Everyone starts their buying process with a question. “Best building supplies in the north?” – “Bulk buy pipe fittings?” – “Low cost timber in my area?” – you know the drill. We all do it many times a day. 

If your business isn’t the answer to any relevant questions, one of your competitors has just gained a valuable customer. 

We’ll transform, enhance and optimise every part of your SEO strategy to give your business a vital edge in the search visibility war – and make sure your potential sales aren’t lost to your rivals

When potential customers ask questions – you are the answer

That generates clicks that lead to real business. The specialised team at Buzz Panda take the time to get to know your business and your marketplace  to fully understand ‘where your customers are looking’ – then showcase you as ‘the answer’ to their queries

You appear in all the places your customer is active

Online searches, social media ads, Google maps wherever your customer is – so are you  

Your business gains vital ‘customer loyalty’ and trust

Full (and constant) visibility gets your brand noticed, remembered and trusted. That brings in ‘qualified leads’ who are ready to buy  

You reap the rewards of increased profit

Full visibility = more sales 

Try it out. Step into the shoes of your prospect and type in a need. If you’re there as the answer, you don’t need any help from us. If not, we can change everything for you – fast.  

Turn More ‘Leads’ into More ‘Sales’

Getting found by the right buyers is only the startTheir click isn’t just a clickIt’s saying: “That sounds like what I’m looking for – prove it?” Drop the ball now, and that potential sale is lost. 

Questions about your buyers journey must be considered to give that sale the best chance of happening:

  1. Is your website designed to match your promise? 
  2. Have you calmed any doubt by anticipating (and answering) questions before they land? 
  3. Does your site content guide them smoothly through the process? 

These issues and more are the reason we don’t have a standard strategy for our clients. Every business has original elements. Understanding yours – the benefits you offer – and the needs of your customer, gives us the tools to create a personalised package that analyses, then optimises everything. Giving you  

Words that Sell

Content that speaks to your customer with words and phrases they use. A tone of voice your customer can identify with 

Engaging Videos

Scripted to explain, inform and guide your prospect quickly towards conversion 

Compelling Landing Pages

To answer additional questions or fears – prove you’re the ideal solution – and ensure customer action 

Testimonials & Social Proof

To spotlight your ability to deliver outstanding service 

Ads, colours, images  ‘everything’ is analysed (and tested) to give us the optimum approach for converting your ‘leads’ into ‘paying customers’. 

When it’s all in place, your prospect goes on a journey like this...

First Contact (Ad click/Social Media click/Search Query).

You’re being found in all the places your potential customers are active – and your ads are promising solutions to their problem. Click! 

Landing Pages/Website Design/User Experience.

Design is often clouded with whistles and bells that serve no purpose. The Buzz Panda team don’t design your online strategy around you. why? – Because designing everything through the eyes of your customer is way more effective to the selling process. Your brand becomes recognised as one that delivers exactly what they need – in the shortest time possible. Priceless.  

Copywriting (Words that sell more stuff).

The words you use are now speaking directly to your ideal customer. Empathising with the problem they want to solve. And offering the perfect solution. Compelling your prospect to act.  

Follow Up Marketing & Customer Retention.

Email Marketing, Lead Magnets, Targeted Offers, Giveaways, Social Media, Articles (the list is way too long for here).

All the above and more, expertly optimised, completely in sync AND with the full SEO benefits of being fully visible to your prospective customers 

About Buzz Panda Digital

Why Do We Specialise in Service Providers to Building & Home Renovation Trades?  

Two simple answers: 
1. We know the space inside out. 
2. We’ve proven how effective it is for businesses stood exactly where you are now … 

Commercial Cleaning Company

This was a regional campaign for a commercial cleaning company who wanted to get customers and contracts coming through online so they could concentrate on running their business.  They were previously with a well known website and business directory company and had not achieved the return on investment they were promised.  They were also paying out monthly for a website they did not own or had the ability to change.

Buzz Panda built them a new website and set out a campaign which drove 5,500 more potential customers to their website. They found after several months that there were enquiries coming in every day and when they asked where they had been found the answer nearly always was online and through your website.

Aluminium Fabrication Company – shop fronts, curtain walling

Buzz Panda redesigned the website and ran an SEO campaign for this Aluminium Fabrication company.  Over 6 months we brought a 200% increase in website visitors and a huge increase in new job enquiries. They are ranking in the top posititions for all the national keywords they wanted when potential customers search for their services.

Workwear Supplier

This workwear supplier has a website/online store using Shopify. After working with Buzz Panda they had an increase of over 27,000 website visitors over 12 months.  Not only were they ranking higher than their competitors but they ranked higher than one of the big brands own websites.  This massive increase in traffic brought many more sales and a constant stream of lifelong customers who wanted to repeat buy workwear. 

Tractor, ATV, UTV seller

This online seller of tractors, tractor attachments and UTV/UTVs had previously had a bad experience with online marketing so they were nervous when starting to work with Buzz Panda.  We completed a full overhaul of their website and ran an online campaign which brought them over 4 times the amount of sales after 6 months.  They are constantly reporting their highest turn over in terms of sales month on month.  After 12 months we had increased their website traffic by 1000% and brought them 10 times the amounts of sales.

They are so happy with the results they have had that they are launching a new business venture and are using Buzz Panda for their online marketing. 

Removals Company

Buzz Panda worked with this removals company and self storage company who wanted to get enquiries from customers in a 30 mile radius of their business.  Within 6 months we had them showing up in the top 2 organic rankings for every town in that 30 mile radius for 'removals', 'storage' and 'house clearance'. 

Plant Hire/Portable Toilet Hire Company

Another new website and online marketing campaign for this plant hire/portable toilet hire company.  Before working with Buzz Panda they were with a well know website and directory listing company but were not getting the results they wanted from their investment.  Within 12 months Buzz Panda had brought them over 200% increase in enquires and 220% increase in website visitors.  They are the top company in their region now when anyone wants plant hire, portable toilet hire, welfare unit hire or site accommodation hire. 


This locksmith in a large city needed help growing his business so he could have a constant supply of calls for his emergency  and pre booked services.  In this highly competitive industry the majority of customers search online and go with the top ranking companies who appear on their mobile or computer.  Buzz Panda got this business showing up in the map listings and in the top 3 for all keywords related to locksmith services in that area over 12 months.  Through a complete website redesign and online marketing strategy they moved from never being found on page 2 of the search engines to competing with the other top 2 locksmiths in that region.  We also supported them in getting a vast amount of social proof to show their reliability and speed of service so there was no reason why potential customers did not choose them. 

Industrial Sealing Product Company

Another client who was paying out monthly to a well know website and directory company for marketing which did not bring the results they wanted. We not only built them a new, fully functioning website they were proud to show people but drove 1500% more people to that website so that new clients get in touch on a daily basis. They went from 70 website visitors per month to over 1400 a month over 12 months and continue to grow. See the lovely testimonial we have from this client in our testimonials section.

Damp Proofing Company

A local damp proofing company had a new website and online campaign which brought them over £75,000 of extra sales and three times the amount of enquiries over 6 months.  Previously they had relied on word of mouth to bring in new customers but they wanted to have the business security of knowing new customers were constantly coming through without them having to do their own promotions.  After dominating their local area they went for places further afield and grew their team to cover several areas.

Our team collective is small – and we love it that way!  

There are no bean bags, space invaders, office piranhas or a barista called Marco here. Just the best minds in place to ensure project success. No 40 strong departments of interference to cloud the goal. No extra overheads to pay for (or charge you for) that are completely unnecessary. 

We simply do the work. Our team thrives on the creative challenge of solving your problems. And your ROI loves that too.  

Our reputation is built on enhancing yours – and we love it that way! 

Our team make your business their own. They’ll get to know it like the back of their hand. Then, they’ll study the behaviour, needs and problems of your prospective customers. Once this information is gleaned, and your online presence is built around it – your customers come running – and our reputation is maintained.  

What Our Select Team of Creative Minds and Technical Experts Give You 












Buzz Panda Digital = Time Back in Your Hands  

How? By taking care of all aspects of your online presence for you – and bringing in a constant supply of new customers.   

You gain your very own virtual marketing team.  

Your business becomes fully optimised  enabling you to fully compete with any of the industry leaders in your space.   

The services you provide are placed directly in front of ‘the right’ customers. Ones who are primed to buy.  

All without the usual time and effort you and your employees waste trying to stay on top of everything. 

Time back in your hands is our USP. Why? Because it’s the most valuable offering on a business or personal level we can make.  

We’ve all heard the saying ‘time is money’. But, apart from the extra profit, imagine what you could achieve within your business with the time back in your locker to get it done. To fully immerse yourself in the projects you’ve had to put off in the fight to gain more customers. 

 It’s more family time. It’s your social life back. It’s regular holidays with the people you love. It’s instant stress relief. It’s what we all wish for. It’s completely priceless. 

 It’s also a major reason our clients give us feedback like this … 


When I first met Cathy I really felt as if she was listening to me and understood exactly what had not worked for me with my previous marketing company and what was needed to move my business forward - and boy did she! Month on month new referrals grow and the conversion rate is amazing - online bookings have never been higher and there's no such thing as a 'quiet period' in the month anymore. Cathy is such a warm and approachable person I feel I have developed a sound relationship with her and so have my team. I wouldn't use anyone else.


Kate Young
Inspire Physiotherapy Ltd

Buzz Panda Digital has completely transformed our enquiries with an SEO Campaign and a complete re-design of our website. This has led to a dramatic increase in traffic and when asked ‘Where did they hear about us?’, the answer is nearly always google and then onto our website.

I cannot recommend them enough if you are looking for a Digital Marketing company you can rely on to boost your business.


Lizzie A
Commercial Cleaning Company

Buzz Panda has been instrumental in the development of our new website, totally re-branding the company, and now that we are finally happy for people to visit the site they have worked tirelessly on an SEO campaign to ensure we improve our google ranking and website traffic.

The results have been truly outstanding and new clients seem to get in touch with us on a daily basis.

We spent 8 years seemingly always finding the wrong partner to move the company forward before finally appointing Cathy, and with her experience, hard work, determination and knowledge this whole process is now beginning to pay dividends.

Specialist Sealing Products

Recommend Cathy and Buzz Panda

Just a quick note to say thanks for all your hard work on our new website, you

have been a star for us and our business.


Removals and Storage Company

Buzz Panda built us a professional website. Cathy was there for us every step of the way. Nothing was too much trouble for her. We are very pleased with the end product. Would highly recommend!


Stacey Greenhalgh

In half an hour I knew more about my direction than I’d learned myself in 3 months! I already have a fit for purpose online just a week after our first chat ! Fantastic and thank you


Gary Lucas

I chose Buzz Panda to work with on a new website because of their knowledge and commitment to building in SEO optimisation into their packages as a standard feature. Cathy is brilliant to work with, she guided us through every step of the process when building the website. Buzz Panda’s packages are comprehensive and good value for money with the option to have a copywriter as well. We utilised the copywriter for the web pages and it took a lot of the pressure off, the quality of the writing is excellent and a very efficient service. I am really pleased with the final website, it looks modern, fresh and professional. The after care that Cathy provides in setting up google analytics and being available to answer any teething problems is brilliant, she really cares about making sure her customers are happy and understand how to manage their website to try and ensure they optimise their website as much as possible so they get value for money and the website works for them like it should to promote the business.


Heidi James

We engaged with Cathy... to increase our google presence through SEO. The movements we have made through google on our shop fronts and curtain walling keywords have been outstanding. Even other acquaintances that are in this sector have agreed the ranking on to page 1 in this timescale is very impressive. Cathy’s expertise has allowed her to showcase what she can do with incredible results. I would have no hesitation in recommending Cathy and the team to anyone looking at SEO.


Paul Van Heeswyk

An absolutely OUTSTANDING looking report this month with a HUGE jump in the rankings for a crazy amount of keywords! A huge amount now onto the first page, lots into the top 3 positions which is exceptional and a large amount into position 1!
Phenomenal work from Cathy and the team! Very well done all! Keep up the AMAZING work.


White label business

You’re Probably Wondering

How do I know this would work for my business?

 We provide specialised and dedicated internet marketing services to businesses that offer a service to the building trade or home renovations sector only. We’ve seen the results in action for businesses just like yours and have constantly generated more customers for them all by focussing on 4 key areas:

  1. High converting ‘customised’ websites with a smooth and fast user experience 
  2. Business visibility through SEO enhancements that put you in front of more customers 
  3. Personalised marketing strategies to solve customer problems and bring them into your business ‘ready to buy’ 
  4. Continued optimisation. We delve much deeper than Google Analytics. Looking at traffic flow, quality of leads, the full sales funnel, follow up systems and more 

Does SEO really work?

Yes. Here’s why – 100% of businesses who show up as the answer to customer searches are there because of the right SEO strategy. Fully optimised SEO puts you next to your customer wherever and whenever they’re online.

Which services do I need?

The whole package – returns the whole reward. Years of experience has taught us an especially important lesson. Having just one (or a few) parts of your online presence optimised is good, but not great. We always aim for great.

Why should I choose you over a larger digital agency?

Simple. Here’s why – We ‘specialise’ in your sector. 

We only work with service providers to the building and home renovation industries.
Click here for a full list of business service providers that fall under our umbrella 

For many years, we were the ‘White Label Service’ behind some of the biggest digital agencies around. Most of them are crammed with vast departments that deal with the many different services needed to create the full package. This creates a ‘one size fits all’ attitude that stifles the full benefits of a more personal service. 

We chose to fly alone to solve that problem by concentrating only on your business sector – with handpicked experts for each service – who are all intricately linked to your project – all on the same page – and all invested towards the same goal.   

How fast will I start to see results?

We’ll always set realistic expectations for you and your service as the numbers obviously vary. The majority of our clients see new customers coming in within the first couple of days.

What ROI can I expect?

Apart from all the cash you’ll save not hiring full-time digital marketing employees, let me just say this … 

We get you found. That brings more customers to your door (and continues to do so). So, you can expect your ROI to behighly rewarding – and ongoing.  

Your No Bull**** Honesty Policy

Let’s get straight to the point.

We’re a business. We want your custom. But that doesn’t mean we’ll say or do anything to get it. Telling it straight ensures we only work with the right clients. That gives you a guarantee that we can help your business thrive in all digital ways possible. 

So, consider this … 

Have you got a marketing budget? Are you fed up wasting it on ineffective strategies that leave you more or less where you started? Are you willing to trust a team of dedicated collective minds that know exactly how to deliver your goals? Without the pointless overheads of giant agencies? Without any of the bull**** you don’t need? And with an ROI you never thought possible? 

If so, simply book a discovery call. Then, this happens … 

  1. You help us get to know you, your business and your future goals 
  2. We show you how we’ve achieved the goals you want with businesses who were at the very point you are now 
  3. You receive a ‘plan of attack’ from our team showing where and how we can fully optimise your online future 
  4. We implement your ‘personalised’ optimisation plan 
  5. You gain more business 
  6. You close more sales 
  7. You get all that priceless time back in your business – and your life 

No obligation. No risk. And if you still decide to go it alone, you at least have a ‘plan of attack’ to implement yourself.