Are you in the know when it comes to the latest Google Ads updates?

Apr 21, 2021

2020 had many marketing teams throwing their strategies up in the air and seeing where they landed. However, 2021 is now upon us. And as we look forward and mix up our marketing strategies once more, it’s vital to know and understand the latest updates to Google ads so you can ultimately maximize your return on investment and boost your online sales campaigns like never before! 

With budgets tight, knowing that you’re spending your money wisely will become key to managing your 2021 Google ad campaigns. Of course, not all updates will work for your campaigns, as there is no one size fits all, but we believe that it is a must in the digital marketing world to be aware of them all. 

So, what are they? And most importantly, what are their benefits?

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Lead form ad extension 

For marketers, lead generation is the number one goal. Having so much data about your customers, that you’re able to personalise your communications and customer interactions, where alone can lead to much higher conversion rates. 

The good news is, the new lead form ad extension means that once a potential customer clicks on your ads call-to-action button, a lead form will now appear, making it super quick and easy for users to submit, with their contact details already populated as Google uses the data from the users’ account. This makes the user experience much more tolerable, and people are much more likely to fill in forms for further information, preferences, etc., than ever before. Providing you with more data than ever before, hence leading to….more conversions! 

Broader matches for keywords 

Broader matches for keywords means that you will now trigger phrase match keywords too.

The even better news is that your broad match words don’t have to be in a specific order to be picked up by alternative keyword phrases. 

The benefit this change brings to you is that no longer are you narrowing your target audience by only using keywords. Now, word matches that have the same intent or meaning can be included. 

Google estimates for business this means reaching 3 to 4% more of your target audience. 

However, a word of warning, there is also the increased possibility that you target the wrong audience, and it can be more complicated to use negative keywords effectively. 

Google ads are now more effective on mobile 

Thank goodness we hear you say! 

This new feature can now save you a considerable amount of time as now you can make proactive changes to your ads while you’re on the go, keeping your ad responsive always. 

Great for those last-minute promotions or when you want to mix your ad messages up based on real-time data/information! 

Introducing affinity audiences and in-market audiences 

Affinity audiences are great at broadening your ad’s reach by including words and phrases that may catch your audience’s interest in what you have to sell. This then forms the start of your sales funnel. 

On the other hand, in-market audiences focus on those customers who are ready and waiting to buy – the bottom of your sales funnel.

Make sure to use responsive search ads 

Responsive search ads allow you to have different options for eye-catching headlines and sales-boosting descriptions. 

This is where we would recommend you use your high-volume keywords and have at least five unique headlines ready and waiting. 

Responsive search ads can be very technical and very strategic. To help take the stress out of the planning, and ensure these ads’ success, let the team at Buzz Panda Digital help – call 01606 374 995 today. 

Less labour-intensive smart bidding for maximum conversion 

In summary, this now means that you can now give Google your ads budget, and it will do its best to maximise your conversion value. 

Boosting the value of your campaigns, Google will follow what it believes is an opportunity. 

This strategy is ideal for more established PPC campaigns where you would ideally like a little more freedom to track revenue and conversions more effectively, rather than chasing the sale. 

Better conversion tracking 

Today, we want to be able to measure and quantify EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, in older versions of Google ads, measuring and tracking campaigns wasn’t always straightforward. 

But not any more. 

Now, with each new campaign you set up, you can set up conversion tracking alongside them, watching your conversions grow as your campaign develops. 

Manage campaign performance more effectively 

To help us make sense of our ad campaigns, Google’s latest update allows us to click on a metric and be provided with possible reasons why impressions, click-throughs, costs, etc., have changed. 

Pointing you in the right and the best direction to make the necessary changes, where applicable. 

Online reviews are powerful – use them wisely 

Google has tapped into user-generated images, enabling users to use their own photos as product reviews directly into your feed. 

The reason behind this update is to allow businesses to build deeper connections and longer-lasting relationships with their customers and their products. 

Introducing new extensions for YouTube ads 

Google is now capitalising on YouTubes growing user base by introducing an extension that allows you to elevate your video campaign as your audience can directly interact with your business without leaving YouTube. 

For example, a potential customer sees your ad, clicks on the call to action, and now a drop-down menu will appear with options. The drop-down menu allows the customer to choose the option that best meets their needs and provides you with vital data that you need to add to your sales funnel. 

The average position has now been ditched 

Thank goodness. 

For a more accurate result of your top and absolute top impression rate, Google recommends sticking with Google analytics! 

Digital marketing and advertising, to us, is Google ads. The intuitive and innovative changes Google continues to make are what keeps them at the top of their game – their focus is on helping businesses to thrive by allowing customers to find exactly what they want. 

These updates, however, are only the start. If you want help to update your digital strategy or if you’re looking to increase your return on investment from your Google ad campaigns, give our team a call today and put us to the digital test to see what we can do for you.

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