10 Elements of Modern Website Design 

Jan 9, 2024

Modern website design is something that any business owner today should take the time and money to invest in. When you are trying to build your business, your website acts as your online shopfront to advertise your product or service to the world. Today we’re going to discover the top 10 elements of a website design makeover that any modern business needs to include on their website. Our website design team will be here to support you with the project and help take your business from strength to strength this year. 

1. Search Engine Optimisation

Website design with SEO is something no business owner should overlook today. If you are looking to expand your business operations, SEO can help to increase your search ranking and website traffic. You don’t need to go overboard when it comes to SEO, and instead, we recommend focusing on page speed, keywords for the search terms that are most relevant in your field, and basic website design. A simple but effective site is all you need to start attracting more attention online. 

2. Simple Navigation

There’s nothing worse than spending ages searching through a modern design website for a simple piece of information. Our team always encourages business owners to keep the navigation of your site easy and logical. Make sure the key pieces of information your website visitors need can be found without needing to perform an extensive search of the site or click through too many website pages. 

3. High-Quality Videos and Images

While videos and images are important for any web design upgrade, they are only effective if they are of a good quality level. We recommend working with a team of professionals who can select images and graphics that will improve your site’s appearance as opposed to just slowing down each page when it opens up. 

4. A Simple Colour Scheme

Too many website designers focus on the colours and graphics on the website and make this the priority over useful information for website users. We recommend sticking to a small selection of colours and shades and keeping this consideration throughout your website design SEO work. 

5. A User Friendly Shop

Many websites today use their online space to sell items. Regardless of what product or service you offer, you want to make the shopping experience quick and easy for your customers. Use a trusted shopping plugin to make this a smooth experience which requires minimal effort from you as a business owner too. 

6. Keywords for SEO

Keywords for SEO are something that our website design service can support you with researching and implementing. Make sure you don’t force these words into your text too much though, as unnatural use of keywords doesn’t help with designing modern websites either. 

7. Website Design to Match Your Branding

Your website should match the other branding that you have as a company. Modern website elements can incorporate your logo, fonts and colour scheme to make the website part of a cohesive brand experience for new and existing customers. 

8. Search Bar

A search bar is essential on any website and should be added with your modern website upgrade. Our team can put the search bar somewhere that’s easy to find, helping customers to find the information they need to decide if they will buy from your company. 

9. A Blog Page

Even the most minimal of websites can benefit from adding a blog page to their site. One of the top reasons to do this is to improve SEO, as adding regular articles can increase your search rankings on Google. It’s also a great way to build a connection with your audience and work to share useful information that might help them to make the most of working with your company. You can outsource this writing work to a freelance professional if you aren’t interested in writing yourself, but you’ll soon see it’s a great tool to support you business. 

10. Updated Contact Information

The final thing that every good website needs is updated contact information. After putting all of this time and effort into your website design, you need to ensure that your customers can contact you if they want to learn more about your offerings. Keep this information updated at all times and add links to your social media pages for easier interaction as well. 

These ten elements of modern website design can be found on almost any good website today and will help to offer your website browsers all the information they need to make a purchasing decision. Our team can support you with upgrading your website or creating a new website from scratch to improve your business operations this year. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer and how we can support you with your company or personal website.